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Lyrics screenlet



Score 79%
Lyrics screenlet

Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  29707
Submitted:  Feb 3 2009
Updated:  Mar 30 2011


This screenlet downloads and display synchronized lyrics of music files playing in the audio player.

Version 0.7.0 allows to create and upload lyrics to the database (for some time it will be used for testing, but I'll try not to delete anything :P)
Steps to create synchronized lyrics:
  • find unsynchronized lyrics (later will be implemented by the screenlet itself)

  • drag&drop text or file with lyrics to screenlet

  • during playing song, use Space key to insert time info

  • save or upload lyrics before screenlet switch to another song :)

  • Requires:
    python-numpy can be needed on Ubuntu and possibly some other distributions in the case of crashing when you move cursor over control buttons
    python-chardet for better dealing with different lyrics encoding, but it's optional

    Set lyrics offset:
    by 0.1s: Shift+Up/Down key
    by 0.5s: Up/Down key

    Supported players:
    Music Player Daemon based players
    Quodlibet - need to install plugin in package
    Listen 0.6 and higher
    Xmms - need to install pyxmms
    Any other that support MPRIS API (direct or with plugin) - vlc, Songbird ...

    Supported lyrics sources: ALSong, minilyrics, lrcdb


    - fixed bug in saving/restoring cairo state in LyricsPanel visible on default theme
    - searching lyrics on disk with ignoring case and accent and some bug fixes
    - support of "offset" metadata in lyrics files
    - added settings option - format of filename for saving/loading lyrics with automatic
    conversion between them
    - properties window works with newer screenlets package version

    - fixed accessing of the song info metadata - doesn't crash on missing metadata
    - works with a new gtk version (deprecation warning turned into TypeError)
    - fixed bug in saving/restoring cairo context (in Widget and LyricsPanel classes)

    - added possibility to upload lyrics to the database and using this database for searching
    - reporting a missing lyrics to the database
    - creating synchronized lyrics works again

    -lyrics align settings: left, center, right
    -lyrics translation on/off switch in menu
    -update translation settings immediately
    -safe minimizing (use when screenlet itself moves on desktop)
    -works in gnome 2.30 (bug is in pycairo, not screenlet!)
    - lyrics searching bug fix, now it should really works, I promise :D
    - update of lyrics engine: ALSong now work again (it stopped to work at all after they changed ip address), minilyrics has better encoding handling
    - theme update

    older logs in changelog file

    (LyricsScreenlet 0.7.2)
    (LyricsScreenlet 0.6.9 (stable))
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     Proxy problem

     by avinaka on: Aug 3 2009
    Score 50%

    thnx dencer for replying fast
    i m using ubuntu jaunty and amarok 2 as player so player might not be the problem

    can u plz tell me how to setup proxy for the screenlet i havent set it up bcoz i dont knw how to

    i will do test for other thngs u said

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     Re: Proxy problem

     by dencer on: Aug 4 2009
    Score 50%

    yeah, with amarok2 it should work. I will look at proxy much closer, but without internet for the next 2-3 days, it will be a little difficult :D

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     Re: Proxy problem

     by dencer on: Aug 4 2009
    Score 50%

    yeah, with amarok 2 it should work. I will look on proxy much closer, but without internet in the next 2-3 days it will be a little difficult :D

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     Re: Proxy problem

     by dencer on: Aug 8 2009
    Score 50%

    Do you use authentication to your proxy server?

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     Re: Re: Proxy problem

     by avinaka on: Aug 8 2009
    Score 50%

    no it is a open proxy

    no authentication is required

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     Re: Re: Re: Proxy problem

     by dencer on: Aug 9 2009
    Score 50%

    I wrote a script whitch try several alternative approaches to download some lyrics and give some additional info. You can run it from terminal: python proxy_test.py > output. It can run for several seconds so be patient, and the result will be output file. If you send me this file to my email: dancakm@gmail.com, maybe then I will be able to find solution.

    Here is the script:

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     incomprehensible problems

     by Naf71 on: Aug 3 2009
    Score 50%
    Dr Naf 121

    Italy, San Vito al Tagliamento PN
    Last visit Apr 21 2015
    26 Friends
    5 Groups

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    Other contents

    NowPlaying Screenlet doesn/t work in Jaunty and to overcome this problem, I had to remove /usr/lib/python2.6 dist-packages/screenlets/plugins/mpdclient2.py and. Pyc files ... From that moment, the lyrics has stopped working.

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     Re: incomprehensible problems

     by dencer on: Aug 8 2009
    Score 50%

    I think that you have running Music Player Daemon and no other supported player when screenlet starts. In such case it connect to it (doesn't matter if its stopped and dont play any song) and it doesn't react to any other player.

    I will try to add possibility to select any of the running player

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     by victorlisboa on: Aug 4 2009
    Score 50%

    Fantastic! Awesome widget! THANK YOU.

    For the jaunty users: install python-numpy first.

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     It doesn't work

     by lordmartires on: Aug 15 2009
    Score 50%

    The screenlet doesn't work .... I don't know what happens ... but when I Install it an I check the start/stop box . it runs but doesn't work when I move cursor into it , it disappears ....
    sorry for my troublesome English

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     Re: It doesn't work

     by dencer on: Aug 16 2009
    Score 50%

    I think answer is just above your comment. In past there was more reports of this problem and installing of python-numpy solved this. I thinked I removed this dependecy in new 0.5 version, but now it seems that not successfully :(

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     MiniLyrics format

     by yehman on: Aug 17 2009
    Score 50%

    Awesome screenlet. Exactly what I was looking for!

    I turned off the filter CJK option to view Chinese lyrics, which caused all sorts of conversion problems when downloading from MiniLyrics's server. I suspect it is caused by improperly (non-unicode) encoded lyrics uploaded by users. However, I was able to sidestep it by downloading the .lrc files separately. It's not a full solution, but it's easier than messing with the non-standard compliant encoding nightmare of traditional/simplified Chinese.

    The other thing I noticed, which should be an easier fix, is that the screenlet is not able to interpret repeated lyrics with timing on the same line, e.g:

    [02:11.49][04:20.35]Blah blah blah

    It would be nice to be able to read those formats, so I don't have to hand edit each file. :)

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     Re: MiniLyrics format

     by dencer on: Aug 20 2009
    Score 50%

    0) thanx

    1) it is long time what I let chinese language unfilered, minilirics support wasn't even implemented then. But I know that from their database can come really anything (unsynch lyrics, other lyrics or in different file formats as you wrote).
    I can look at this again and maybe some minilyrics filtering will be added.

    2) do not edit it manually :D, rather I change lyrics processing, but now I don't know what is (or if there is) exact lrc format.

    just don't know when :(

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     Re: Re: MiniLyrics format

     by yehman on: Aug 28 2009
    Score 50%

    Ya, I don't think there is a standard format, so it'll be tough to filter all the user uploaded lyrics. For example, I've seen some .lrc files with these fields:


    These are safely ignored by your screenlet, so they are not a problem. However, the multiple timing per line thing does throw it off.

    Also, another thing I noticed was that empty lines that are very close in time with lyrics will make the lyrics scroll up too much. For example,

    [00:02.00]Lyrics here
    [00:02.90]Lyrics here will be skipped
    [00:03.90]Lyrics here

    will cause the timing be off and you can visibly see it skip a few lines.

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     Re: Re: Re: MiniLyrics format

     by dencer on: Aug 31 2009
    Score 50%

    is it better in new version?

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: MiniLyrics format

     by yehman on: Sep 1 2009
    Score 50%

    Ah thanks, it works better now! The skipping problem has been fixed. However, now it no longer displays the blank lines in the lyrics, was this intended behavior?

    Also, I noticed that now it removes the timing number from the multiple columns correctly. However, there are two bugs associated with this.

    1) It doesn't display the lyrics of the second time, it just removes the numbers from the display.

    2) It only removes up to two levels of repeated lyrics. There are some lyrics with more repeats, and they still show up funny.

    Finally, when I use the save lyrics button, it will write to file the new timing without the repeats, so I lose the timing on those parts permanently.

    Forgive me for posting a long post, but here's what would happen if I use a lyric like this:

    [0:05]作詞:方文山 作曲:周杰倫 編曲:鍾興民
    [00:29.85]岩燒店煙味彌漫 隔壁是國術館
    [00:32.40]店里的媽媽桑 柔道有三段
    [00:34.55]教拳腳武術的老板 練鐵砂掌 耍楊家槍
    [00:37.09]硬底子功夫最擅長 還會金鐘罩鐵布衫
    [00:39.27][01:36.00][02:14.34]他們兒子我習慣 從小就耳濡目染
    [00:41.58][01:38.37][02:16.60]什麼刀槍棍棒 我都耍的有模有樣
    [00:44.05][01:40.45][02:18.87]什麼兵器最喜歡 雙截棍柔中帶鋼
    [00:46.80][01:42.99][02:21.25]想要去河南嵩山 學少林跟武當
    [00:49.13][00:51.18][00:53.47][01:07.29][01:10.44][01:12.86]幹什麼 幹什麼
    [00:56.02]飛檐走壁莫奇怪 去去就來
    [00:57.92]一個 馬步向前 一記左鉤拳 右鉤拳
    [01:03.28]一再重演 一根我不抽的煙
    [01:05.36]一放好多年 它一直在身邊
    [01:15.52] [01:18.63][01:25.70][01:28.04][01:54.42][01:56.47][02:03.53][02:05.88] [02:41.82][02:44.48][02:32.53][02:34.63]快使用雙截棍 哼哼哈嘿
    [01:20.96][01:58.90][02:37.13]習武之人切記 仁者無敵
    [01:23.33][02:01.15][02:39.23]是誰在練太極 風生水起
    [01:30.41][02:08.20][02:46.15]如果我有輕功 飛檐走壁
    [01:32.77][02:10.58][02:49.23]為人耿直不屈 一身正氣
    [02:53.89]快使用雙截棍 哼
    [02:56.23]我用手刀防禦 哼

    after I save it, it now becomes:

    [0:5.00]作詞:方文山 作曲:周杰倫 編曲:鍾興民
    [0:29.85]岩燒店煙味彌漫 隔壁是國術館
    [0:32.40]店里的媽媽桑 柔道有三段
    [0:34.55]教拳腳武術的老板 練鐵砂掌 耍楊家槍
    [0:37.09]硬底子功夫最擅長 還會金鐘罩鐵布衫
    [0:39.27][02:14.34]他們兒子我習慣 從小就耳濡目染
    [0:41.58][02:16.60]什麼刀槍棍棒 我都耍的有模有樣
    [0:44.05][02:18.87]什麼兵器最喜歡 雙截棍柔中帶鋼
    [0:46.80][02:21.25]想要去河南嵩山 學少林跟武當
    [0:49.13][00:53.47][01:07.29][01:10.44][01:12.86]幹什麼 幹什麼
    [0:56.02]飛檐走壁莫奇怪 去去就來
    [0:57.92]一個 馬步向前 一記左鉤拳 右鉤拳
    [1:3.28]一再重演 一根我不抽的煙
    [1:5.36]一放好多年 它一直在身邊
    [1:15.52] [01:18.63][01:25.70][01:28.04][01:54.42][01:56.47][02:03.53][02:05.88] [02:41.82][02:44.48][02:32.53][02:34.63]快使用雙截棍 哼哼哈嘿
    [1:20.96][02:37.13]習武之人切記 仁者無敵
    [1:23.33][02:39.23]是誰在練太極 風生水起
    [1:30.41][02:46.15]如果我有輕功 飛檐走壁
    [1:32.77][02:49.23]為人耿直不屈 一身正氣
    [2:53.89]快使用雙截棍 哼
    [2:56.23]我用手刀防禦 哼

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MiniLyrics format

     by dencer on: Sep 1 2009
    Score 50%

    So this is purpose of multiple timings tags :), I thought that there can be two tags and that they mean "from-to", so I now it only remove "to" tag. Whole lyrics helped me understand what's going on.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MiniLyrics format

     by yehman on: Sep 4 2009
    Score 50%

    Awesome update! The parser is working perfectly. Now I don't have to edit all these files!



     by iumbs on: Aug 18 2009
    Score 50%

    Awesome screenlet man! Works great!

    Just one suggestion... It would be better if the screenlet became invisible when music isn't playing... Anyway I've created a desktop shortcut so I can launch it just when I need it ;)

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