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Other GNOME Stuff

Score 77%



Downloads:  20919
Submitted:  Jan 18 2009
Updated:  Jun 5 2010


TaskBar with groupping and group manipulation.

... Many thanks to Nik Skavinsky ...

##### Launchers #####
You can add new launcher by DnD or launch app and press "+" button (preferred) in popup of app.
Button with gears can be used to open new window of app.
Known restrictions:
- Unable to use launchers for GNUStep
- Unable to use launchers for OOo writer, calc, draw, etc
- Only apps from menu can be added
- Some applications written in script languages like python recognized not correctly (because their author forgot to setup name for application)

To pin/unpin launcher you need to open preferences dialog and set 'Attach/Detach' action for group

The X branch by Matias Särs

You need to use compiz plugin KDE Compatibility and check 'support plasma previews'.
If you want live previews for minimized windows too, you can use KWin instead of compiz.
Watch demo video!

Default actions:
Window button:
left click:
- activate / minimize / unminimize

middle click:
- Close

right click:
- Lock/unlock

Group button:
left click:
- activate / minimize / unminimize group
(without locked windows)

middle click:
- close group of windows

right click:
- Compiz scale

To use compiz effects you need to activate them in compiz settings manager first.

- install python-gnome2-desktop
- copy dockbar folder to /usr/lib/
- copy theme files to share folder
- copy GNOME_DockBarApplet.server to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers
- add DockBar applet to panel
- make link:
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/dockbar/dockbar.py /usr/bin/dockbar.py

TESTED on Ubuntu 10.04 with compiz and metacity

You can run it in window:
dockbar.py run-in-window

==== AWN applet ====
DockBar for Avant Window Navigator is a simple applet (wrapper) to use DockBar with AWN.
AWN effects are not available for DockBar applet.
Use it only on horizontal awn dock!

AWN applet may not work. Please wait for bug fix.

P.S. Sorry for bad English


Some stupid bugs fixed in pref dialog (Launch action added to list of group actions)
Little redesign of popup of group
Border for previews
Minimal size of previews

!!! New dependency - urllib
Wine apps groupped by .exe name. Aslo you can add wine app as launcher (Drag from menu).
Buttons in popup header removed.
Pref dialog running check
Pref dialog redesign unused params removed
Fixed minimization then some of wins always-on-top
Live Previews. You need KDE Compatibility plugin and check support plasma thumbnails.

Bg bug fixed
Launchers first
Path in .server file changed

Lunch effect
Update position of popup winlist
Basic styles support
Compiz calls now async
New action 'prev/next window'
!!! New dependency: pynotify

Minimization target
Windows previews
Bug 419430 fixed (No way to open preferences in AWN)
Preferences dialog bug fixed

New action system (Default actions changed)
DockBar preferences is in dockbar_pref.py now
Some code cleanups

-fixed- Updating state of group button

-fixed-Flickering without compiz

Source(DockBar 0.25.1)
Ubuntu(Launchpad PPA (updated to 0.24.0))
other(Demo video on YT)
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 by st6 on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%

you should make some config file for it, or atleast SOME comments to the code.

I guess the transparency issue would be easy to fix if one could find it from the code

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 Well done!

 by M7S on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%

Thanks for a promising app.

Here are some suggestions:
- I second DeepThoughts suggestion. Launchers would take the dockbar to a new level.
- Some visaul feedback on which window and application that has the focus would be great. The window that has focus could have a "pressed in" window button (I mean like gtk.ToggleButton.set_active(true)) or alternatively the window button could have bold text. The group button could have some visual indication as well if one of it's windows is the active one.
- Perhaps a small delay before showing the window list would be a good thing? It doesn't look good when the list shows for a fraction of a second when the mouse sweeps over the group buttons.
- I agree with st6. Your code needs comments. It's a bit hard to read without.

Keep up the good work!

If I understand the code correctly, you can't just easily change the transparency level. I believe the transparency effect is achieved simply by setting sensitivity to false (see row 261). If so, there are no options in between the two states.

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 by M7S on: Feb 18 2009
Score 50%

Do you have a homepage, a developer's blog, a svn repository, anything where one could follow the progress of this app, or is this page it?

Anyway, I grew impatient of waiting for updates and implemented launchers myself, just to see if I still remember how to program. If you haven't already implemented launchers yourself I could send you my code, if you tell me where to send it.

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 Re: launchers

 by aleksey on: Feb 18 2009
Score 50%

I dont have homepage/svn/blog/etc... for this project, only this page.

Now I work (when have free time) on bug fixes and some integration with compiz.

I do not think that dockbar should support launchers.
Look at MacOSX, there is no programs menu.
And users need launchers on dock to quickly launch applications.
MS Windows's menu have no categories and it is hard to find necessary program.
But in Gnome there is convenient application menu with categories.
I think that Gnome's menu much better than stack with applications or launchers in macosx's dock.

I have some ideas about how make launchers with using gio.GAppInfo.
But not all parts of gio has bindings in python (or i can't find it).

You can upload your code to any fileshare service and give me link.


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 DockBar with launchers

 by M7S on: Feb 25 2009
Score 50%

Since you weren't that interested in launchers I thought I'd better finish the implementation instead of presenting a half-finished implementation to you. Now it's done:


This version includes launchers and notifications on which window that is focused/active (a toggled button) and which group that holds the focused/active window (an underline to the icon, for now). Moving groupbuttons is also possible in this version.

I had to change the mouse button functions a bit to make everything work. I believe it's changed to better. I added a right click menu to group buttons, which forced me to move 'close all windows' to double middle click. For consistency I switched middle and right click on window buttons, too. Many programs, including Firefox closes tabs with middle click so I would guess many people expect middle click to close and not right click.

I don't have much experience programming so my code is probably not the most well structured code ever written. I might mention as well that I borrowed some of the code from ubuntu system panel.

I disagree with you on the importance of launchers. The importance of launchers has very little to do with how easy or fast you can find and start programs on the OS. It's all about keeping the controls of the program in the same spot all the time. For example, I know that Firefox is the second icon on DockBar on my computer. If Firefox is off I see it immediately. If Firefox has a minimized window I see it, if a Firefox window is the focused window I see it directly. I don't have to scan the whole DockBar with my eyes to see it, a quick glance on the second icon is enough. It makes the work flow more streamlined and convenient. It's simply more logic to have your most used programs on a place you determined than to let their places be determined of the order in which they are opened.

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 Silent update

 by M7S on: Feb 26 2009
Score 50%

There were a stupid bug in the last file I uploaded. It is now fixed. The updated file is on the same address as the previous.


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 Re: Silent update

 by cjnd on: Feb 26 2009
Score 50%

Doesn't work for me


Add launchers:
1.To add launchers simply drag the launcher you want from your gnome menu to the dockbar.
2.Write in the class name of the application whose launcher you added in the entry dialog and press OK.
3.The launcher will appear after (on the right side) of the button you dropped the launcher of.

Step 2: Which entry dialog?, nothing happens after i drag the launcher, it just creates the laucher in the panel. it doesn't show any entry dialog.

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 Re: Re: Silent update

 by M7S on: Feb 27 2009
Score 50%

I guess you droped the icon directly on the panel instead for on the dockbar, then. You should drop the launcher on an existing group button. The launcher will be created at the right of that button.

Perhaps I should make that clearer in the README?

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 Gnome minimizing effect

 by cjnd on: Feb 27 2009
Score 50%

I'm not using compiz, just plain gnome with composite enabled and i've notice that minimizing effect (shrinking framebox) goes to lower left corner instead of the corresponding icon.

Anyway great app.

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