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Other GNOME Stuff

Score 77%



Downloads:  20919
Submitted:  Jan 18 2009
Updated:  Jun 5 2010


TaskBar with groupping and group manipulation.

... Many thanks to Nik Skavinsky ...

##### Launchers #####
You can add new launcher by DnD or launch app and press "+" button (preferred) in popup of app.
Button with gears can be used to open new window of app.
Known restrictions:
- Unable to use launchers for GNUStep
- Unable to use launchers for OOo writer, calc, draw, etc
- Only apps from menu can be added
- Some applications written in script languages like python recognized not correctly (because their author forgot to setup name for application)

To pin/unpin launcher you need to open preferences dialog and set 'Attach/Detach' action for group

The X branch by Matias Särs

You need to use compiz plugin KDE Compatibility and check 'support plasma previews'.
If you want live previews for minimized windows too, you can use KWin instead of compiz.
Watch demo video!

Default actions:
Window button:
left click:
- activate / minimize / unminimize

middle click:
- Close

right click:
- Lock/unlock

Group button:
left click:
- activate / minimize / unminimize group
(without locked windows)

middle click:
- close group of windows

right click:
- Compiz scale

To use compiz effects you need to activate them in compiz settings manager first.

- install python-gnome2-desktop
- copy dockbar folder to /usr/lib/
- copy theme files to share folder
- copy GNOME_DockBarApplet.server to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers
- add DockBar applet to panel
- make link:
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/dockbar/dockbar.py /usr/bin/dockbar.py

TESTED on Ubuntu 10.04 with compiz and metacity

You can run it in window:
dockbar.py run-in-window

==== AWN applet ====
DockBar for Avant Window Navigator is a simple applet (wrapper) to use DockBar with AWN.
AWN effects are not available for DockBar applet.
Use it only on horizontal awn dock!

AWN applet may not work. Please wait for bug fix.

P.S. Sorry for bad English


Some stupid bugs fixed in pref dialog (Launch action added to list of group actions)
Little redesign of popup of group
Border for previews
Minimal size of previews

!!! New dependency - urllib
Wine apps groupped by .exe name. Aslo you can add wine app as launcher (Drag from menu).
Buttons in popup header removed.
Pref dialog running check
Pref dialog redesign unused params removed
Fixed minimization then some of wins always-on-top
Live Previews. You need KDE Compatibility plugin and check support plasma thumbnails.

Bg bug fixed
Launchers first
Path in .server file changed

Lunch effect
Update position of popup winlist
Basic styles support
Compiz calls now async
New action 'prev/next window'
!!! New dependency: pynotify

Minimization target
Windows previews
Bug 419430 fixed (No way to open preferences in AWN)
Preferences dialog bug fixed

New action system (Default actions changed)
DockBar preferences is in dockbar_pref.py now
Some code cleanups

-fixed- Updating state of group button

-fixed-Flickering without compiz

Source(DockBar 0.25.1)
Ubuntu(Launchpad PPA (updated to 0.24.0))
other(Demo video on YT)
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Other  Artwork  from aleksey
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 Compiz Fusion Window Preview

 by qbiter on: Apr 20 2009
Score 50%

It is possible to add support for "Compiz Fusion - Window Preview plugin" to next version? Sample mockup ---> http://images37.fotosik.pl/103/23928e8e32e37b76.png

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 Re: Compiz Fusion Window Preview

 by aleksey on: Apr 20 2009
Score 50%

it is not possible with this compiz plugin
someone should write new plugin with dbus interface

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 Re: Re: Compiz Fusion Window Preview

 by aleksey on: Aug 26 2009
Score 50%

It is possible :)
But new plugin with dbus interface is better.

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 AWN prob

 by technophreak2000 on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

Hi, for some reason I cannot get it to work on Avant Window Manager. I already went into the ~.config/awn folder, and dragged the DockBar folder into it, and then I restared AWN, but I don't see any new applet there. Or maybe I misunderstood the directions? What did I do wrong? I'm using Hardy Heron btw. Thanks.

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 Re: AWN prob

 by aleksey on: Apr 22 2009
Score 50%

Copy to ~/.config/awn/applets
NOT just ~/.config/awn/

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 Re: Re: AWN prob

 by technophreak2000 on: Apr 22 2009
Score 50%

Hi sir, I did put it in that folder, sorry for the incorrect typing. It went to ~/.config/awn/applets. And the folder DockBar, it contains these 2 files: the shortcut file for dockbar.py and a DockBar.py. Am I missing something here?

After I put the files, I restarted awn, but I see no Applet for DockBar. When I type "dockbar.py run-in-window" in the terminal, it works fine... Could this be because I am using the awn-manager-bzr on my machine? Thanks for you help.

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 omfg no

 by UbuntuLee on: May 2 2009
Score 50%

What the hell is this? An OS X dock and a Window list put into one? Errr so ugly.

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 Re: omfg no

 by Anarchj on: May 2 2009
Score 50%

ugly? it's very functional for little screens!

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 Re: Re: omfg no

 by technophreak2000 on: May 5 2009
Score 50%

Indeed, my laptop's no widescreen, such a function on AWN is very useful.

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 I like it!

 by spktkpkt on: Jun 17 2009
Score 50%

Good work so far. I hope you do not stop developing on this. dockbarx and dockbar for awn are nice, but i like dockbar with the gnome-panel-applet more, it integrates very well into gnome.

...cup is empty!
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 by nenelinux on: Aug 12 2009
Score 50%

in launchpad is the 0.21-1 version :S

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 Re: hi

 by aleksey on: Aug 14 2009
Score 50%

launchpad ppa updated

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 by zflyer on: Sep 11 2009
Score 50%

I have just tried 0.24 test version, the new concept is great. However I find a minor bug, here is how it happens:

First, open an application, and press "+" button in popup, then close the application.
Second, open that application again and close then.
Third, press "-" button in popup of that application so its icon in dockbar area will disappear.
Finally, open that application again, and its icon won't show up in dockbar area anymore.

Also, another suggestion, to possible add a function to change the icon of launch application.

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