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New Wave


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 72%
New Wave

New Wave

New Wave

Homepage:  Link
Blog:  Link
Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  120136
Submitted:  Aug 14 2008
Updated:  Dec 14 2009


It is time to give a modern and professional look to our desktop! The new theme makes more clever use of orange (not over-use it) and is mainly color-neutral. It is designed for Ubuntu in mind but can be used in other distros that may bear warm colors.

[size=3]Installation: (requires pixbuf theme engine)[/size]
Very simple. Just double click the file newwave-(xxx).gtp where (xxx) is the version number e.g. 050. Note that if you have previous version of the theme in your home folder you need to remove it first. You may need to log out then log in to make all changes appear (e.g. handlers, lines). For more information on how to fix Firefox's menubar text and how to use the theme in root programs see the README file.

The package also contains:
- New Wave Configurator (GUI),
- Emerald themes,
- Compiz-fusion settings,
- Second theme with dark menus,
- Firefox skin,
- Some metacity tweaks.
- Time applet tips.
Theme for xfwm4 (Xubuntu) can be downloaded in the Download section of this page.

Support & News:

Check the latest news at my blog: http://ankere.wordpress.com/

Any bugs should be reported here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/anton

If you have questions ask them in Launchpad Questions section:https://answers.launchpad.net/anton
or in the Help tab of this page.

You could also sponsor me (in the form of donation) in order to buy a cheap laptop and work on New Wave more. You can do the donation by clicking on the donate button on the right of the download section.


v 0.8.2
- Statusbar, selected text, popups in Nautilus, tooltips, text improvements (lighter text)
- More lightness in menus and desktop items (transparancy and toned colors)
- Improved active tab and horizontal line gradients.
- Transparent panels and items possible when using flat panel theme (use NW Configurator to set up)
- IconView and Assistant Window themed much better.
- Infobars are styled properly to match the theme.
- Added focus for the items in nautilus and many other apps.
- Improved selected workspace bg color in the applet.
- Fixed the rendering glitch in Appearance manager.
- Improved NW Configurator - transparent panels and more.
- Redesigned progressbars inside treeviews to match the other progressbars better.
- Fixed long standing issue with Evolution's preferences wrong colors.
- Restyled frames in Gedit statusbar and the panel.
- New theme format gtp for easier installation (just double click)

v 0.8.1

- Brasero notifications color fixed.
- Rhythmbox 'Now playing' tool-tips can now be seen.
- Fixed scrollbars in OpenOffice and Firefox by using hack.
- Firefox skin for Firefox 3.5
- Firefox and OO unreadable menubar text could be fixed with Configurator.
- Metacity enchantments for dialogs (only visible when compiz effects are off)
- Lotus Notes and Eclipse 100% CPU bug fixed.
- Old combo-box is themed better in OpenOffice and other apps.
- Introducing a Configurator (GUI) for easy modification of some theme properties.

v 0.8.0

- Treeview has new headers, items and focus system.
- Make nautilus sidebar use custom treeview design for better integration.
- New design for scrollbars and scrollbar arrows.
- Better tooltips that look more three dimensional (3D).
- Progressbars are more "color rich" and have more depth. Thus they are more attention grabbing.
- Modified etched out shadows.
- Emerald usability fix in the button bottom border color.
- Textboxes, tabs, combobox entries and range controls have focus indicated by glow.
- Firefox theme available for better integration.
- Opera theme by Kyle Baker (see download section because it is not included in the pack)

LicenseCreative Commons by-sa
(New Wave Pack)
(New Wave GDM)
(New Wave GDM List)
(Lock-Dialog Theme)
(Alternative Metacity)
(Alternative "Key" Metacity)
(New Wave XFWM Theme)
(Alternative XFWM theme (by Steve Dodier))
(Perfect Wave Emerald theme (by Zuil Nossile))
(Opera Theme (by Kyle Baker))
(Google Chrome Theme (by Lasse Valentini))
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 by StrangeQuark on: May 18 2009
Score 50%

I absolutely love this theme!
Nice improvements in the version that ships with Jaunty too.

Keep it up! :)

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 by dilomo on: May 19 2009
Score 50%

Thank You!

P.S. It is the same version ;) unless Canonical haven't modified something. What do you think is different.

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 Re: Re:

 by StrangeQuark on: Jun 16 2009
Score 50%

Aha, sorry. I just meant that before upgrading to Jaunty, I still had an older version installed. Upgrading made me notice the new version. :)

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 Request for semi-comercial use

 by beattyml1 on: Jun 6 2009
Score 50%

Hey I absolutely love this theme.

I was thinking that I might launch this small scale computer building/selling adventure and I wanted to know if I could somehow obtain permission to pre-install this theme on the computers I build, it would most likely be one of maybe five or six max themes provided. It or this one other that is very similar would most likely end up being the default theme. I would provide what ever attribution you asked.

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 scrollbar arrows

 by bastard79 on: Jun 10 2009
Score 50%

Hi, as always graet job,but i hate new positions of scrollbar arrows :(

how to change this to standard positions ?

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 Re: scrollbar arrows

 by dilomo on: Jun 10 2009
Score 50%

Check the Questions and Answers tab. In there is one issue that can solve your problem.

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 by benjamimgois on: Jun 18 2009
Score 50%
http://sites .google.com/ site/jubart
benjamim gois 2

Last visit Apr 28 2012
1 Friends
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Other contents

Hey Dilomo, i use new wave since the initial versions, and i really like. But like others said, i prefer the old positions of scrollbar arrows. Well, that's just a tip. There are any plans for a 0.9 version ? Congratulations for the great job.

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 Re: Nice

 by dilomo on: Jun 19 2009
Score 50%

I'm planing a service pack to this version - will be 0.8.1 or smth like that. It will fix some bugs and finally fix the problem of dark menutext in FF OO but don't expect it soon because I'm busy till august.

P.S. For the arrows you could join the discussion here:

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 by panana on: Jun 21 2009
Score 50%

I think you have this error in your theme:

Test it with empathy (lastest version).

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 Re: bug

 by dilomo on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%

I've fixed this and it will be available in the next version of the theme.

Thank you for reporting it!

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 Re: Re: bug

 by panana on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%

Thank you!

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 Arch Versions?

 by VeovisMuaddib on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%

Is there any way you could make a whole set dedicated to Arch linux, in a nice blue color instead of Ubuntu's orange?

Or tell me how to do it. I'm a horrible artist, but given enough time I could learn to make one and then upload the whole set here.

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 Re: Arch Versions?

 by dilomo on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%

Check this out:

You could start by that theme or take my latest version and recolor all images.

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