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Tango-Generator 2



Score 76%
Tango-Generator 2

Tango-Generator 2

Tango-Generator 2

Link:  http://
Downloads:  22528
Submitted:  Mar 22 2007
Updated:  Dec 15 2007


Although this version is now completely obsolete, there's still a large amount of traffic coming through this page. The download links now point to resources relevant to the new version.

Changelog: - Updated some broken URLs.

0.2.6 - Updated tangerine icons, fixed a few pixel bugs. Run 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' after downloading to upgrade.

0.2.5 - Added network manager icons, beryl & emerald icons, fixed broken links, added a few additional icons. Cleaned up some code elsewhere. The upgrade should be fairly seamless this time.

0.2.1 - fixed another stupid bug.

0.2 - Synced packages with upstream, updated listen icons, cleaned up index.theme, switched openoffice packages, added many additional icons, added Tango GTK Icons as option, fixed emblem placement, fixed numerous crashes. Many things are changed in this release, so you should run 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' in the console before first run to see all updates. - Improved handling of gimp installations, fixed error when gconf editor is selected but not the cpu applet.

0.1.7 - Vastly improved priorities robustness. Improved XFCE support & drew & added image-position-size icon.

0.1.6(.1) - Fixed various bugs that shouldn't have existed...

0.1.6 - Fixed gimp removal bug.

0.1.5 - Big Update:
Changed to correct 'robots' icon. Drawn and added new dia & gnome-planner. Updated trunk icons (gnome, tango). Improved support for fedora Core 6. Added bluetooth & firewall icons. Improved lock/key metaphors.

To Upgrade to this release you'll need to run 'rm ~/.tango-generator/archives/gnome.tar.gz' at the terminal.

0.1.2 - added a few more icons and additional sizes of others. You'll need to run "rm -rf ~/.tango-generator/archives/custom-app-icons/" if you're upgrading.

0.1.1 - Corrected Tango Materia and finishing installation after installing additional icon packages.

0.1 - initial release of version 2 (Version 1 quickly became unmaintainable).

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(New website)
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 where can I find it?

 by zephyrgong on: Nov 4 2007
Score 50%

The link is broken?
Are there any links available?

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 by atlas95 on: Nov 11 2007
Score 50%

when the next release come out?
thanks :=)

visit my blog http://www.atlas95.com/blog
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 Re: next?

 by mejogid on: Nov 15 2007
Score 50%

At the moment it's unfortunately largely dependant on me getting hosting sorted out. I'd hope within the next month, although that may overrun.

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 Re: Re: next?

 by atlas95 on: Nov 16 2007
Score 50%

Ok :) take your time ;)

visit my blog http://www.atlas95.com/blog
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 Missing icons

 by Ubuntubox on: Nov 11 2007
Score 50%

These icons where missing:

Screenlets manager
Synaptic touchpad

and i'm searching for others ;)
Btw good work

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 Re: Missing icons

 by mejogid on: Nov 25 2007
Score 50%

Thanks for the list - most of those will be included in the next version. Let me know if you find any more.

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 More Sources

 by GreySim on: Nov 21 2007
Score 50%

Just in case you're too busy to keep up on new Tango themes, there's two new ones, Discovery http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Discovery+Icon+Theme?content=69950 and CrashBit http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/CrashBit+Icons+%28aka+gTango%29?content=66757 newly released. Would *super* love to see Discovery added to the generator, to be able to get all the app coverage Discovery doesn't have. :D

Dennis Fisher
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 Re: More Sources

 by mejogid on: Nov 22 2007
Score 50%

Discovery will be included in the next release, but CrashBit doesn't seem to follow the guidelines or spec from what I can tell. I've decided to restrict the generator only to specifically Tango themes, to prevent it bloating out of control and losing the cohesive look of the themes it generates.

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 App Coverage

 by GreySim on: Nov 26 2007
Score 50%

Fair enough with the CrashBit. That would explain why they didn't appeal so much (tried 'em but didn't keep them or examine too closely why they didn't look as hot as they could've).

But in response to your call for un-Tangoized apps, here's what I found in my menu (might overlap with other postings for which I apologize, but I don't have the time to comb 200+ comments, and I'm assuming if you're keeping a running list it should be fairly trivial to spot duplicates...):

GnoCHM(/CHM Viewer)
Conduit (Is Tango, but looks very out of place...not sharp enough?)
"Manage Print Jobs" (In Accessories on Ubuntu)
Specto (Possibly Tango colors, but not guidelines)
Open Arena
Video Arcade
Agave (I've seen a Tango icon for this somewhere)
Gnome Baker
Miro (I think...)
Hotwire (Possibly Tango, but not sharp if so)
Ubuntu Tweak (not even sure where I got this to be honest)
Wine Doors
Browse C:\ Drive
Configure Wine
Uninstall Wine Software

This isn't a particular request by any means. Just a summary of the icons on my system that are missing or not fully up to the standards of the rest of the Tango stuff on my system IMO. IIRC I generated this theme shortly after an update to Tango Generator 2 also, though I don't remember exactly what options I used.

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 Re: App Coverage

 by mejogid on: Nov 28 2007
Score 50%

Cheers for that. The third major revision should be along soon (within a couple of weeks, so I'm not going to try and bother updating the 2nd version to actually work with changed package locations and Gnome 2.20), and I'll do my best to include what I can.

If you have the time, I'd appreciate the names of icons that each of those use (some should be easy to install, but the bloat from installing all the apps the generator supports is a real pain, as is managing virtual machine disk space etc). You can do that easily enough by opening gnome-terminal, typing 'cat ', dragging the shortcut on and then adding '| grep Icon=' before pressing enter.

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 Re: Re: App Coverage

 by GreySim on: Nov 28 2007
Score 50%

gnochm.png | GnoCHM(/CHM Viewer)
conduit | Conduit (Is Tango, but looks very out of place...not sharp enough?)
/usr/share/system-config-printer/applet.png | "Manage Print Jobs" (In Accessories on Ubuntu)
specto | Specto (Possibly Tango colors, but not guidelines)
gweled | Gweled
openarena128.png | Open Arena
Cedega.xpm | Cegeda
gnome-video-arcade | Video Arcade
agave-icon.png | Agave (I've seen a Tango icon for this somewhere)
/usr/share/pixmaps/gcolor2/gcolor2.xpm | Gcolor2
gnomebaker-48 | Gnome Baker
ogmrip.png | OGMRip
miro-72x72.png | Miro (I think...)
vlc | VLC
hotwire | Hotwire (Possibly Tango, but not sharp if so)
/usr/share/ubuntu-tweak/pixmaps/ubuntu-tweak.png | Ubuntu Tweak (not even sure where I got this to be honest)
wine-doors | Wine Doors

wine-winefile | Browse C:\ Drive
wine-winecfg | Configure Wine
wine-uninstaller | Uninstall Wine Software

Let me know if you want anything else. I don't actually understand how some of those icons are getting pulled, so if you need me to dig for other directory names or anything I'd be glad to. (I know that not specifying a path lets a theme change app icons, but I don't understand how some of these more obscure apps would be using non-generic icons that aren't themed unless the install process puts them in hicolor and all/most themes inherit hicolor or something...)

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 Re: Re: App Coverage

 by GreySim on: Nov 28 2007
Score 50%

Two other quick things.

One, I forgot to check to recieve email replies on the last message. >.<

Two, this might be getting more complicated than you care for or than the situation warrants, but I imagine it would be possible to somehow automatically "patch" .desktop files with hard-coded icon paths to use themed icons. Judicious use of ls cat and grep, looking for Exec lines to match specific applications, copying the path of the existing icon, copying that icon to hicolor or where ever the icons without hard-coded paths are stored, then changing the Icon entry to use the generic name so that the generator cover it, but if the user goes back to a non-generator theme, they're still covered. Different distros that use different .desktop file names should be covered since the Exec line shouldn't really be changing, and all the other parts of the .desktop file are left intact.

I'm sure if you're interested in functionality like that there's a better way than ls grep and cat though, but just wanted to throw it out there if you thought it was a fitting and worthwhile feature to add; myself, I'm fine with tweaking my .desktop files manually after installing the generated theme if that's what it takes. :P

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 Re: Re: Re: App Coverage

 by mejogid on: Nov 29 2007
Score 50%

You were nearly there in the non-specified path bit - icons are generally placed in /usr/share/hicolor/[size]/apps/ or /usr/share/pixmaps, with precedence in that order, and all themes do inherit hicolor.

I actually already implement a system very similar to what you described, but it works very transparently and does not yet cover all potential icons. Essentially I copy a version of the .desktop to ~/.local/applications, but replace the Icon= line. It searches iteratively in a few directories for these shortcuts using the same approach as gnome-menu-editor. A copy of the original icon is then put in a hicolor theme in the user's ~/.icons/ directory, which is hidden so they can't select it, and is used as a fallback when the current theme doesn't specify a modified icon. This has the added advantage of not requiring root access and being very easy to reverse.

It shouldn't be much trouble to add most of those icons, so look forward to the new release in 1-2 weeks.

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 by fipm on: Nov 30 2007
Score 50%


I hope I'm not duplication information here, but these are my suggestions:

Device icons.
Many icons are generated, but the gnome default icons do not point to them. For example gnome-dev-media-sdmmc.png do not point to media-memory-sd-mmc.png, but to the generic media-flash.png.

updates-notifier-inactive.png is not generated, therefore for example in ubuntu when you are actually updating through update manager, the icon in the tray falls back to the default icon. I don't know if there is a specific icon out there, so I simply desaturated updates-notifier.png.

Glipper icon (/usr/share/pixmaps/glipper.png) is tango, but comes only 24x24

Referencer icon (/usr/share/pixmaps/referencer.svg) instead comes only with an svg

Other applications missing tango icons:
partition editor

well, that's all, keep up with the good work!

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 Re: suggestions

 by mejogid on: Dec 4 2007
Score 50%

Can you please use the same command I gave greyslim above so I can know the names of the appropriate icon files?

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