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Score 77%

Link:  http://nuovext.pwsp.net/
Downloads:  456048
Submitted:  Jul 15 2005
Updated:  Dec 29 2008


nuoveXT is an icon theme for GNOME and KDE.

This is my first attempt of creating an icon theme. There is still a lots to do, but I thought I could share what I've done so far. Made entirely with Inkscape.

A big THANKS to:

- Inkscape: what a great tool! :D
- Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source in general
- All the other GNOME and KDE artists who have inspired me and specially everaldo (http://www.everaldo.com/) which is, I think, simply the best icon designer out there ;-)
- Open Clip Art Library (http://openclipart.org/).
- DeviantArt: One of the best place for inspiration and artworks.
- pwsp.net for hosting my project.

Constructive feedbacks are more than welcome ;-)




1.7 Updated 28/12/2008
Updated for GNOME 2.24.1.

1.6 Updated 09/12/2005
Switched back to GPL ;-)
Now includes evolution stock icons by john007 (http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=29792)
Firefox 1.5 theme

1.5 Add link to firefox theme 29/08/2005

1.5 Updated 12/08/2005
Volume icon
Added over 20 mimetypes (including openoffice, gnumeric)
Added eclipse, amule, gnumeric
Added gnome-fs-directory-visiting, gtk-open
Added a white folder and ipod-photos in extras
New gnome-lockscreen and gaim icon
The project is now under a Creative Commons License.

1.4 Updated 07/08/2005
Added Gimp, Inkscape, alternate home, gnome-netstatus
Added ipod mini (5 colors) in extras
Changed trash-empty, trash-full, ipod, suse, thunderbird
Corrected: Over 40 icons was missing in /apps since version 1.2

1.3 Updated 05/08/2005
Added over 20 new Mimetypes icons.
Added over 30 new Apps icons (including some distros and kde icons).
Added firewire and usb drives.
Changed gtk-stop icons.
Changed gnome-logout icons.
Added extras folder with various icons.

1.2 Updated 02/08/2005
This is a huge update! There is a lots of changes, here's the highlights:
- Project is now hosted by http://pwsp.net/ at http://nuovext.pwsp.net/ Thanks!
- Structure of the theme: it is now based on gPerfection.
- All new gtk icons.
- Redesigned gtk icons (navigation).
- New devices icons (added tags to cds and dvds)
- New filesystems icons.
- All new and redesigned mimetypes icons (also with tags).
- All new emblems icons.
- Added a few apps icons.

1.1 Updated - added a few icons 18/07/2005
1.0 First release 17/07/2005
0.3 Preview release 15/07/2005
0.2 Preview release 14/07/2005
0.1 Preview release 12/07/2005

(nuoveXT Firefox theme)
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 Awesome Icons!

 by vvlist on: Aug 11 2005
Score 50%

I love these icons, they're my new favorite. Just a few suggestions:
The old Home icon was better, it's more 3d, and the colors just look better. The computer icon without the GNOME foot is better. An in my opinion, the black folders you put as extras are sweet. I wish they were default. Icons for Gnomebaker, GQView, Skype, NVU, and EasyTAG would be great too. And consider creating a firefox theme, because this theme is the best I've seen. Thank you. Like everyone else has said: Keep up the good work!

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 Windows Vista Icons?

 by miketech on: Aug 11 2005
Score 50%

The folder icons look like the windows vista icons. Is it a port of the original icons to gnome/kde?



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 Re: Windows Vista Ic

 by saki on: Aug 11 2005
Score 50%

No, it's not a port. Yes, the folders was inspired from Windows Longhorn (Vista). But again, this is not a port. As you can see from the screenshot, the folder icon (and all the other icons) was made with Inkscape.



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 volume applet?

 by bvc on: Aug 12 2005
Score 50%

can we have them?
Their names can be found in

A white folder would be cool too.
We have asked for a lot, thanks for listening and keep up the marvelous work!

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 Re: volume applet?

 by bvc on: Aug 14 2005
Score 50%

thank you!!!

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 Some Additional Icon

 by aledie on: Aug 12 2005
Score 50%

Wow, your theme is improving so fast, it is defenitely the best icon theme here.
I just have few icons missing (I use Ubuntu, maybe it is due to the different names it uses...maybe you could just put a renamed copy of some already existing ones - it takes so long to do it manually after every update):

gucharmap.png, gnome-eog.png, gnome-ghostview.png, download.png (Bittorrent),
gnome-gnumeric.png, gnome-settings-default-applications.png, bug-buddy.png, gstreamer-properties.png, screensaver.png, gnome-dev-keyboard.png, hwbrowser.png,
users.png, gnochm.png, amule.xpm, lyx.png, gnome-mixer.png, gnome-nettool.png,
gksu-root-terminal.png, gnome-settings-accessibility-technologies.png,

Ubuntu uses different names for Openoffice icons, for example:
ooo_web.png --> ximian-openoffice-web.png

Also in Synaptic the only icon missing is "Mark all Upgrades"

Could you please change the color for the gaim and bmp icons, to make them match the firefox/evolution icons in the gnome panel? Your green-silver colors look very nice!

Thank you very much for the beautiful theme. Hope if it keeps progressing so fast, one day it could get the default gnome theme;)

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 by burner on: Aug 13 2005
Score 50%

I made an aterm that I use with your theme and was curious if you wanted it.

It's just simple, but effective.


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 Re: aterm

 by burner on: Aug 13 2005
Score 50%



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 SVG icons

 by plutoprime on: Aug 14 2005
Score 50%

the new volume applet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! thanks!

Future OS configurations strive to be Resolution indepedent and the icon backend will make this possible using SVG icons. With the non svg neuvo I am forced to run gnome-panel at standard pixel width so the icons won't look blurry.

I perfectly understand you might not want the SVG out there.. do you see another solution to this dilemma?

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 Re: SVG icons

 by bvc on: Aug 14 2005
Score 50%

I do :D Though, I know you didn't ask me....
Get nautilus/gnome to render the icons as the svg apps do. Judging by the screenshot showing the icons in inkscape, I can see they have fine detail. Gnome doesn't render the details properly so in order for them to look good they must be exported to png. I had the same issue with Edge...so they are png as well.

Sorry if I have guess wrongly and that is not the reason the svg's have not been released.

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