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Masalla Icon Theme


GNOME Icon Theme

Score 78%
Masalla Icon Theme

Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  10948
Submitted:  Jun 10 2015
Updated:  Apr 8 2016


Masalla icon theme by hayder majid (hayder ctee)
Theme inspired by the latest flat design trend.
The name of project is inspired from Obelisk name in arabic language (like Obelisk of Hammurabi in History of Iraq) .
Icons are licensed under GPL-3.0+ License

How to install:

In debian's distro (like debian, ubuntu, linuxmint, elementary,... etc):

Debian users can download the ".deb" file from this link :

and install it by using gdebi (recommended) or any other app like dpkg or software center ... etc.

In Arch's distro (like Archlinux, Manjaro, Antergos, ... etc):

install it from AUR repo by using this command :

yaourt masalla-icon-theme

Other distro :

1- Download the ".zip" file from here:

2- extract the zip file to "/usr/share/icons" ( as root)

3- choose "masalla icon theme" from your system setting (tweak tool , unity tweak , lxappearance ,....etc)

NOTE: If you are using KDE desktop then run the following commands too:

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme
sudo cp /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme.kde /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme

and if you want to move back to other gtk+ desktop (gnome, cinnamon, xfce4, lxde, ....), then run the following commands:

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme
sudo cp /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme.back /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme

have fun and be free ^^

طقم ايقونات مسلّة بواسطة حيدر ماجد
ايقونات مستوحاة من اخر تصاميم الفلات .
تم استيحاء الاسم من اسم المسلّة من التاريخ العراقي كمسلّة حمورابي من تاريخ العراق .
تم عمل الايقونات تحت رخصة جنو العمومية
GPL-3.0+ License

: كيفية التثبيت
في التوزيعات الديبيانية ( ديبيان , اوبونتو , لينكس منت , المنتاري , .... الخ )
قم بتحميل الحزمة الديبيانية الخاصة بالايقونات من الرابط التالي :

بعد ذلك قم بتثبيت الحزمة باستخدام برنامج (gdebi) "موصى به " او اي برنامج تثبيت اخر مثل dpkg او مركز البرمجيات ... الخ
التوزيعات الارتشية ( ارتش لينكس , منجارو , انتركوس , .... الخ ) :

قم بتثبيت الايقونات بكتابة الامر التالي :
yaourt masalla-icon-theme
التوزيعات الاخرى
قم بتحميل الملف المضغوط من خلال الرابط التالي :


2- قم باستخراج الملف المضغوط الى المسار "/usr/share/icons" كمستخدم جذر

3-قم باختيار طقم الايقونات من اعدادات التخصيص الخاصة بنظامك مثل (tweak tool , unity tweak , lxappearance )
ملاحظة : اذا كنت تستخ
دم واجهة Kde فعليك تنفيذ هذاالامر ايضاً:

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme && sudo cp /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme.kde /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme
و اذا اردت الرجوع الى الواجهات المعتمدة على gtk+ (جنوم, سينامون, اكسفسي4, الكسدي,....) فعليك تنفيذ الاوامر التالية :

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme && sudo cp /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme.kde /usr/share/icons/masalla/index.theme

استمتع وكن حراً ^^


Ver 0.9
1- Solve the panel and file managers missing icons
2- ٍSolve the "has no size field" error
3- Add some app icons

Ver 0.8-2
1- editing some bugs in index file
2- adding some app icons (curlew , rose password generator , rose crypt , Uruk Builder )
3- now you can install icon theme with deb package for debian , or AUR repo for Arch users

Ver 0.8
1- The Icons now under GPL-3.0+ License
2- Change the mimetype Devices and app icons to be more like square style
3- adding many app icons (Kodi , MusicBrainz Picard , Apache OpenOffice , Desktop messenger , To messenger , virt-manager , ...)
4- Change many of states icons
5- More compatible with KDE

Ver. 0.7
1- Change the icons style to the square shape
2- Adding many new App icons with various size
3- Change many icons design

Ver. 0.3:
1- Add many icons with many size
2- Fix the gnome and unity and (gnome-like DE) panel issues
3- Change many icons design

for any missing app icon or any suggestion please leave a comment
project page on github : https://github.com/hayderctee/masalla-icon-theme

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 icon suggestions

 by bishopstix on: Nov 30 2015
Score 50%

First thank you for the icon theme it is one of my favorite!
Is it possible to suggest a few Icons to be change (that are still in there original)?
One is the quite ugly Quite RSS top panel bar green icon.


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 Re: icon suggestions

 by hayderctee on: Dec 7 2015
Score 50%

Which icon you mean?

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 Re: Re: icon suggestions

 by bishopstix on: Dec 11 2015
Score 50%

You know what it's actually fine as it is. It is the quiteRSS app icon. But it looks fine after all :)

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 Compliment + Request :)

 by abdo2als on: Feb 20 2016
Score 50%

Thank you a lot for this great icon package .. it's absolutely one of the top 10 for me.
I feel glad for this beautiful work.
If I may suggest to improve this package:
- add dark system icons option for the system bar (next to the clock), I tried this icon package on mint 17.3 Mate using the default theme, so I found that the system icons (like the battery,wifi,..) were too light.
thank you again.
your brother from Syria, Dr.Abdo

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 Add 2 icons?

 by WampaCowboy on: Apr 14 2016
Score 50%

Would it be possible to add or define icons for the Pithos (Pandora Client) and Xiphos (Bible Study) applications?

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 Re: Add 2 icons?

 by hayderctee on: Apr 14 2016
Score 50%

Sure, you will see these icons in next version ( or you can use the github for faster update when i put it in repo ), and thanks for supporting the project , and if you or any one have a design for any icon, you can send it for me and i will put it with the designer name in theme package.

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