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METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install  

GnoMenu Theme

Score 42%
METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install

METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install

METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install

Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   GNOME 3.x
Downloads:  2970
Submitted:  Sep 9 2014
Updated:  Apr 19 2016


Free METROlux menu. Full with all the necessairy applications installed.

see website link.

Preorder METROluxPRO ( with content sidebar + Mobile technique included!)
support your creativity.

portable content server runs on every platform including tablet or direct from your USB.

Dutch Low resolution for most laptops.

German version-1

German version-2 (high resolution)

NOW in this version:
The free blue METRO version is updated.
Some bugs repaired.


Download the free Home version in Dutch and German from the website.


Please use the small download button on bottom

a METROlux Cairo theme
(standard in pro version)

Easy start after loading .
No tweaking anymore.

more information and support look at the homepage link.

METROlux for UBUNTU14.4 LTS rel1
With setup video cloud apps and more

This script installs everything for you.

Installs the complete menu on a fresh UBUNTU 14.4 LTS.

Setup Video
-METROlux menu -
-Gnomenu -
-Setup video
-Programs the menu used
-Internal manual for fine-tuning

running the script:

1-Download the tar.gz file

2-and extract it in your home folder.

3-Open the terminal and copy/past this:

sh METROlux-FULL-install-UBU-14.4rel1NLhr.sh

hit enter.

navigate the Microsoft EULA for fonts with tab and arrows.


You want no unity shell buttons?

Logout from your account>
Unselect standard Ubuntu selection and select the CairoDock session >
After login you have the full screen METROlux menu.

the follow bugs are repaired:
-METROlux theme locked now.
tweak as root user.
-script more user friendly
-skype install now with ubuntu software center.

METROlux Graphene

The Graphene menu is a METROlux version with a script that contains al the apps and support to combine Cloud storage, MS Office,Own (web)server, Silverlight support e.d in one menu.

We are working on to translate this menu in several languages.
At this moment we work on a Italian translation for both METROlux menus.
At the moment we develop plugings to make it possible to let communicate the menu with a local map.
With own content you make you can save load web pages and we integrate links to manuals for the applications.

You can pre-order this complete menu for €19,- by click the Grafeen download button or send an email to:


In this METROluxPRO Graphene menu:

All installed with one command!


Cairo theme for METROlux graphene.
Now is tweaking the menu after install an easy job with a comlete theme that you simple load in Cairo.

Metrolux Graphene.
Embedded manuals.
Embedded test.
Embedded browse your business information pages.
Free buttons for klik your business or education application or server from METROlux-menu.

Cairo Dock
Backup back in time software.
System cleanup software.
Update management.
Configuration center.
Advance search software.
3D Modelling software Blender.
3D CAD software.
3D print software.
Support software.
Messenger software.
Windows software support.
Remote with your phone.
Photo modification software.
Photo management software.
Photo print software.
Scanner software.
Cloud office 365.
Office suite.
Cloud storage.
DTP software.
Media center.
and many more..

* Optional

Gate to local plugin map.

Ubuntu(More about Grafeen:)
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Other  Artwork  from COLOH
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 Please NOTICE!

 by bluedxca93 on: Oct 7 2014
Score 50%

sudo apt-get install wish
sudo apt-get install tclsh
sudo apt-get install gnome-activity-journal
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock
The main code of the script. For those who don`t want to download 130 MB for nearly nothing!, but a unclean virus like install script. The installer packages are java like ones , why?

What it does is to install cairo-dock + gnomenu (don`t know why it works but it does).

Do you need an translater for german? I could help you.
But please change your download mode. This won`t help anyone who has slow internet connection and the install sript is so buggy that im waiting a bit before testing your gnomenu theme.Hope you understand me. Your ideas are great but not the way you did wrote that damn installer.

gnomenu is an gnome independant nearly outdated Menu, that is still alive and well maintained in Zorin OS.

regards bluedxca93

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 Re: Please NOTICE!

 by COLOH on: Oct 7 2014
Score 50%

Hi bluedxca93

Thanks for your offer to help translating the menu to German.

First of all i want tell our goals to you and anybody who reads this.
The idea to create this menu is a Quick user friendly system with embedded manuals en mostly important a simple install of extras and easy to manage.
After tweaking it must be changeable buy not to easy.
Yust a menu easy to use.
Click and the application must start. Nothing more.

And if i want extras ..then click .. install must be graphic and ready to work.

After install this METROlux menu the system is ready for all install methods,
It support now the grafical installer.
You can get a script and a clickable version from the module.
What you want,

I work with Linux from the time “ NEXT step” (for linux Openstep) and this was the best user interface.
Later It was possible to make your interface as a room and scroll with a cube far before MS came with Vista gadgets.

Now we have Ubuntu and Redhat (Fedora) Linux Mint and more with the most beautiful desktops.

Finally this menu (not the theme only) must work on all systems.
This is possible because GnoMenu is written in python.
Cairo -Dock facilitate Gnomenu

Supose i,am a Windows XP user:
And i have a business.
Windows is perfect but i must pay for things that i not want.
Iam done with it.
I must change every time there is a “new” OS and educate myself and my customers and my workers.

I take a look at Linux.

The first day on Linux.

Many programs to install look at me!
Some programs i must pay for.

..I want to install a simple application like a kalender with koffice. And of cource its all cloud around me ,thus the calender must be synchron with....

Lets take a look on my fresh installed system.

First i search a program (with an exotic linux name) that can do the install job for me i must search in a category then search for the app and double click on it.

Someone said: tomorrow you can do your work on Linux .
Ok start from the begin.. lets see the manual how i can fix it.

You see whats going on.

One of your question is why do you have build a Flash like installer. (it is not Flash)

This installer must facilitate all modules and themes i develop for the menu and must install modules in the same way as you do in Windows.

I choose for that.
You are right that with all the downloads openened browser in the script ,make use of this installer,Ubuntu install center can more efficient and a better video and more but, you got with no search everything i or you want on the system.
This free menu is the demo for that proces.
And there come more menus for free.

In the other (grafeen) version it installs, a fully automatic configure and test in a browse a very important Microsoft application for education to see some websites:
And if you want a server with business applications as ERP or CRM ,you can order this and i integrate it in the menu as a module on your laptop i.e.
..With the clickable installer.

I'am agree with you about the install script.
This could be much better..

Can you please sent a email to metroluxmenu@gmail.com with your suggestions and
The bugs you see?
This is very important to make it possible to fix it.

I have all the applications and programs that facility the downloads organized for setup ready to put on a server so that we can manage everything.
Before that i wanted to know that the interest in this menu is great enough.
Now i have seen there is interest.
The menu is now on may sites provided.

The new script:(for this week)..
I have reduced the script(mostly the video file) to under the 40 MB, and the English reading,they could read the instructions now.
I'am testing it and this week comes the new update for the METROlux full install.

The reducing is possible because i have made a theme for Cairo.
Just load it and the starters are on the right place.
Much easier to tweak.

Now you know more of the goal we can talk how to do it on the best way.

With regards A.Greven

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 Can this be used with KDE?

 by frazelle09 on: Mar 24 2015
Score 50%

This looks really beautiful! i have a friend who wants me to install this on her laptop but she has PCLinuxOS installed on it with KDE. Should i switch out the KDE for something else?

i wish you the best with this great theme.

Have a great morning! :)

"The earth is one country and mankind its citizens." Bahá'u'lláh "La tierra es un sólo país y la humanidad sus ciudadanos."
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 Re: Can this be used with KDE?

 by COLOH on: Mar 26 2015
Score 50%

Thanks for your nice comment!

It is possibele when you install the necessary gnome files first.

You can easier download the complete configured one With working METROux menu and Blue7 (W7) ISO DVD on Linux mint 17.

You can start without configure setting or something after install the ISO.

including auto screen size detect.

(can be upgraded to Rebecca Mint if you want)

available in two languages.

Free Download from this page:


You can also decide to order the latest theme:

you can see the preview here:

and we have pro versions available.


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