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MediterraneanNight Series


GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 77%
MediterraneanNight Series

MediterraneanNight Series

MediterraneanNight Series

Minimum required   GNOME 3.x
Downloads:  175047
Submitted:  Feb 6 2013
Updated:  Jun 20 2013


MediterraneanNight Series 2.03

12 Themes for Gnome 3.6.x and 3.8.x

- GTK2 theme uses gtk2-engines-murrine and gtk2-engines-pixbuf
- Inside the theme folder (MediterraneanNight) there is a readme.txt file with some really simple instructions to customize the theme (styles for nautilus, 4 tab styles, metacity buttons)
- Ubuntu 12.10 comes by default with gnome 3.6 and nautilus-3.4 (though you can upgrade to nautilus-3.6), but if you have nautilus-3.4, you must set the theme for nautilus-3.4, as explained in the readme.txt

- Almost all the themes are the same, varying between each of them only the color scheme and some bitmaps, which provides an opportunity for the more restless to create your own theme with few changes.

Take for example the series MediterraneanTribute

Known issues:
- qBitTorrent with MediterraneanGrayDark.

* FEDORA 19 users *
The default installation of the package gtk2-engines, not install you really need, which is this:
Murrine GTK2 engine

- MediterraneanNight also support nautilus-3.4. (see readme.txt)
* Select style for nautilus *
Edit the file ../MediterraneanNight/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

go to the last line of the file, there are seven options for nautilus:
Nautilus 3.6.x for gnome-shell 3.6.x and/or unity (by default)
@import url("nautilus36.css");

3 options for nautilus 3.4.x (gnome-shell)
1.- "gnome-nautilus34-gray.css" (nautilus sidebar and toolbar dark gray)
2.- "gnome-nautilus34-light.css" (nautilus sidebar and toolbar light)
3.- "gnome-nautilus34-gray-light.css" (nautilus sidebar dark gray and toolbar light)

3 options for nautilus 3.4.x (UNITY)
1.- "unity-nautilus34-gray.css"
2.- "unity-nautilus34-light.css"
3.- "unity-nautilus34-gray-light.css"


Version 2.03 (2013-06-20)
Maintenace release
- Full support gnome 3.6.x and gnome 3.8.x
- Fixed: Nautilus Desktop and gnome-shell-3.8.x
(unity + nautilus desktop + gnome 3.8.x still bad, my impression is that it is a problem between unity and nautilus-3.8.x)
- Fixed: GtkSwich looks bad on menus
- Fixed: Epiphany-3.8.x progressbar loading page
- Other minor cosmetic fixes

Version 2.02 FIXED (2013-04-22)
- Fixed a major bug (basic color syntax) in MediterraneanDark

Version 2.02 (2013-04-21)
Maintenace release
- Partial support for gnome 3.8.x
- Removed unico-engine dependencies
(I think that fixes the problem with opensuse 12.3)
- Added some texture in titlebar and toolbars
- Fixed: combobox in some circumstances appear misaligned with other controls (e.g. gnome-tweak-tools)
- Fixed: combobox insensitive color
- darker text fonts

Version 2.01 (2013-03-09)
Maintenance release
- Fixed: bug progressbar of x-noise
- Fixed: bug toolbar of synaptic-gtk3
- Fixed: bug Xfce desktop icons
- Other minor fixes
- Added several Xfce window theme: Darkest serie, Tribute and TributeBlue
- Changed GtkSwitch
- Changed Metacity buttons MediterraneanWhite
- Improved customization option: tabs-themed.css
- Added customization option tabs-themed-dark.css
the same as tabs-themed but better adapted to dark themes
MediterraneanDark, MediterraneanDarkest, MediterraneanGrayDark, MediterraneanTributeDark

Version 2.0 (2013-02-20)
IMPORTANT: if you installed the pre-release, we strongly recommend a clean installation

MediterraneanNight now contains 12 variations of the theme




MediterraneanTributeDark (new)

(MediterraneanNight 2.03)
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 on/off switches bug

 by hotice on: Feb 12 2013
Score 50%

There's a bug with the on/off switches in the appindicators, screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/tudKhJe.png

I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 (GTK 3.6.4)

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 Re: on/off switches bug

 by trastes on: Feb 12 2013
Score 50%

I can not reproduce the error on my system (ubuntu 12.10).
Will install ubuntu 13.04 in a VM and try to fix it before the final version

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 Re: Re: on/off switches bug

 by hotice on: Feb 12 2013
Score 50%

It only happens with the now (in Raring) default Sync Menu and the new Bluetooth indicator (but with this indicator, only on mouse over) which has replaced the old Bluetooth indicator hack that was available in Ubuntu 12.10: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/02/ubuntu-1304-raring-ringtail-changes.html

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 by oscardt19 on: Feb 12 2013
Score 50%

I really like your themes, in the last update you change the color of the toolbar in LightDarkest, from Darkgray to a LightGray, I like it much more previously if it return to Dark gray or make a 12th theme I don't know haha, thanx for the work

PD:sorry if I dont white well english

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 Re: LightDarkest

 by trastes on: Feb 13 2013
Score 50%

Bueno, pues hablemos nuestro idioma :), la intención es dejar esa toolbar en color oscuro. La cambé por unos problemas con algunas apps GTK2, pero al final seguramente deje las toolbar de GTK2 color claro y las de GTK3 color oscuro.
En que aplicaciones lo has notado tu, en apps GTK2 o apps GTK3, o si no lo sabes dime en que aplicación hechas en falta la toolbar oscura.

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 Re: Re: LightDarkest

 by oscardt19 on: Feb 13 2013
Score 50%

Jaja, bueno, me di cuenta al usar el lxappearance y con abiword, pero en dado caso que de problemas la toolbar oscura, mejor dejar la gtk3 y la gtk2 igual, para que sea uniforme, gracias por los temas estan muy buenos

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 another suggestion :-)

 by sadi on: Feb 14 2013
Score 50%

How about some hover effect in Nautilus sidebar?

This is the code I've found somewhere I don't remember now - it might require a little modification with pre-defined colors:

NautilusWindow .sidebar row:hover {
background-color: shade (@sidebar_selected_bg_color, 1.1);
color: shade (@sidebar_fg_color, 1.1);
text-shadow: 1px 1px shade (@theme_bg_color, 1.1);

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 thunderbird main window toolbar

 by sadi on: Feb 15 2013
Score 50%

I find making Thunderbird main window toolbar compatible with gnome themes very tiresome. Although compose window fits in automatically, I have to use ~/.tunderbird/profile/chrome/UserChrome.css to make the main window toolbar look like others (also to make foldertree look like nautilus sidebar).
I couldn't yet achieve a satisfactory result. I have these lines in that file:
#toolbar, toolbox, .tabbrowser-tabs {
background-color: #606060 !important;
#msgHeaderView {
background-color: #606060 !important;
#folderTree treechildren {
background-color: #afb8bf !important;

I wonder if you can suggest a better solution?
Or is it because of some imperfection in gtk2 component of the theme?
I also have a similar toolbar background problem with my favorite text editor: medit

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 Beautiful theme!

 by gracca on: Feb 19 2013
Score 50%

What fonts are you using in the screenshots?
Thanks :)

Copyleft, all rights reversed ;-)
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 Re: Beautiful theme!

 by trastes on: Feb 19 2013
Score 50%

Hello and thanks!

main font: Ubuntu (size 10)
title bars: Lucida Sans (size 10), sometimes also put it as main font.
there are many free and pretty fonts :)

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 darkest bug

 by LostinSpacetime on: Feb 20 2013
Score 50%

There is a problem with the active tab for all darkest variants.

Beautiful themes, love them! :)

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 Re: darkest bug

 by trastes on: Feb 21 2013
Score 50%

Please download it again, it's fixed


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