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MintLiner gtk3 theme


GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 61%
MintLiner gtk3 theme

Minimum required   GTK 3.x
Downloads:  5960
Submitted:  May 5 2011
Updated:  Oct 21 2011


This is the gtk3 (not Gnome shell theme) theme for Gnome 3. I originally made this theme inspired by the theme of Minty Freshness(earlier version) for LMDE. This theme was originally based on adwaita engine (Gnome 3.01). It is now based on unico engine 1.0.1. Old theme for Gnome 3.01 (Fedora 15 and others) is present in a package called MintLiner_old. The theme for Gnome 3.2 (based on adwaita engine) has been identified as MintLiner_experiment. I do not guarantee it will work properly. The new theme (unico engine) is now present and contains gtk2 part, which is actually Clearlook gtk2 theme.
This theme contains the metacity theme (not mutter) of Minty Freshness theme.

Tested on Ubuntu 11.10(Gnome 3.2) - new theme, Fedora 15 and Gnome Live CD OpenSuse(Gnome 3.01 ver.) - old theme.

License: GPL


Known issues:

- (Fixed*) Ubuntu 11.10 Fallback mode. The main menu on the gnome panel not themed properly, menubar is round and incomplete.
- Some other elements have a white inner edges. This is due to the Button display
- There may be some bugs becouse of gtk engine updates over time.


Start creating a GTK theme that is not boring and gray as Adwaita. I started to make the theme Skyliner. Theme does not look bad.


Soon I decided to make a theme for Linux Mint (like Minty Freshness). So I left the theme SkyLiner.


I found a way to modify the look of the Nautilus 3 (at least slightly more). I hope there is a better way than this, but for now this is it.


I think that this theme can be useful. I'm not sure, but I think that Adwaita engine has some limitations. For example, menubar.menuitem,
expander, active tabs and couple other things can't be represented by picture or by using the Gradients.

This is under construction. If someone has more knowledge about this please feel free to let comments.


Well, I didn't come some time on deviant. A lot of things have changed.


Using Ubuntu 11.10 I realized that adwaita engine upgraded, so MintLiner theme no longer works properly. MintLiner theme works fine on Fedora 15 and Gnome 3.01 (including OpenSuse), but not in Ubuntu 11.10. Therefore, I must rewrite the whole theme to some time soon as possible.


Currently I'm leaving Adwaita engine. The reason for this is some "instability" in certain elements of the theme (the edges of buttons, menus, etc. are not displayed correctly - despite of a good code). Perhaps it comes to some bugs, but it does not suit me more certain limitations on this engine. That's why I switched to the Unico engine. Unico engine is present in Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 16.


The new theme is quite different from the old version.

Ubuntu(MintLiner )
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 mint 11

 by ozky on: Jun 9 2011
Score 50%

i read it from mint forum that mint 11 will use gnome 3 by default but without gnome shell

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 mint 11

 by ozky on: Jun 9 2011
Score 50%

i read it from mint forum that mint 11 will use gnome 3 by default but without gnome shell

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 LinuxMint 11 Installing Gnome3

 by Karmicbastler on: Jun 9 2011
Score 50%

sorry dear,

for having to correct you a little bit. LinuxMint 11 uses Gnome 2.32 by default. But it is possible to install Gnome3 clean without any trouble in LinuxMint 11 in the meantime via ppa-repo.

Just go these steps:

1. go to your Terminal and type in this:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/tes-

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat (this x-upgrade is necessary to run Gnome3)

2. Then do not reboot your machine, but go to your Terminal again and type in this:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

to upgrade your system completely.

3. Then do !not! you reboot your machine, because then at this step, you will discover big problems, as the installation of Gnome3 is not complete. So instead of rebooting your machine, go to your Synaptic and

4. install these packages:

gnome-shell, gnome-session, gnome-session-bin, gnome-session-common, gnome-session-fallback, gnome-shell-extensions-alternate-tab, gnome-shell-extensions-alternative-status-menu, gnome-shell-extensions-auto-move-windows, gnome-shell-extensions-common,
gnome-shell-extensions-dock, gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme, gnome-shell-extensions-window-navigator, gnome-shell-extensions-xrandr-indicator,

5. Then uninstall the package gnome-games-extra-data because of a collisionof one file in this package with a file inside the package gnome-games-common

6. Then install gnome-games-common, mutter, mutter-common, libmutter0, accountservice, autoconf, gnome-tweak-tool, gnome-themes-standard, xserver-xephyr.

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 LinuxMint 11 Installing Gnome3

 by Karmicbastler on: Jun 9 2011
Score 50%

Then follows step 7 before you reboot your machine!!!

7: install these packages:

language-pack-de, language-pack-de-base, language-support-de, language-pack-gnome-de, language-pack-gnome-de-base

If you have kde-rpgramms running in Gnome, then additionally install these packages:

language-pack-kde-de, language-pack-kde-base

8. Then - if you have an nvidia-graphiccard, you need to install these packages as long as there is no working propriatory nvidia-driver for Ubuntu 11.04 and LinuxMint 11:

libdrm-nouveau1a, nouveau-firmware, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-dbg

Then close Synaptic and go back to your Terminal. Type in this to activate your driver: sudo apt-get install libgl-mesa-dri-experimental

9. Now we have to enable the new Gnome3-desktop. Therefore, we need to change the window-manager to mutter. For this purpose, we again need the terminal. Open it again and type in this:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-window-manager

Then a list appeares and at the bottom you are asked to type in a number. There type in the number 2

Then type into your Terminal this:

sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-shell.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart

Now close your Terminal and now it is time, to reboot your machine!!

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 your mintliner-theme

 by Karmicbastler on: Sep 17 2011
Score 50%

hi daniel,

can you do also a gtk2-port of this nice theme??

I love your theme, but my little Notie seems not to like Gnome3, so I am asking.


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 The above instruction doesn't work anymore

 by Karmicbastler on: Nov 9 2011
Score 50%

hi people,

the above posted instruction is currently out of date, because the new Gnome-Shell doesn't work in LinuxMint 11 anymore. All extensions will be disabled and also some system-inconsistencies are remarkable.

So for Installing Gnome3, it is now better to wait until Linuxmint 12 will come to light or install Ubuntu 11.10 as a bridge until the new LinuxMint-version will be published.


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