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GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 79%

other:  Link
Downloads:  369804
Submitted:  Apr 5 2011
Updated:  Oct 22 2014


Important note: This theme is designed for Gnome 3.14. May or may not work with other versions of Gnome-shell and GTK.

Get the absolute latest version from github: https://github.com/lassekongo83/zuki-themes

Old versions can be found here: https://launchpad.net/zukitwo/+series
Click: Browse code > View revision > download tarball.


The included INSTALL file have all the installation instructions.

- GTK2 engine Murrine or later.
- GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package.

Fedora/RedHat distros:
yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines

Search for the engines in your distribution's repository or install the engines from source.

Wallpaper: http://fiftyfootshadows.net/2011/09/14/between-here-and-there/
Font: Droid Sans
Icons: Faenza-Dark

Since Gnome 3.14 you may have to use the default icon theme or an icon theme compatible with Gnome 3.14. There may be some issues with the theme if you for example use the Faenza icon theme or any other outdated theme that haven't been updated for Gnome 3.14.

Known bugs:

- Libreoffice have a bug that displays active text color on menus wrong. It's a libreoffice bug primarily.

- The IDE software Eclipse/Aptana may have some strange color bugs. If you know of any fixes, please let me know.


- Some tweaks and fixes.

- Updated for Gnome 3.14.
- New shell theme for all Zuki* themes.

- GTK3: Fixed CSD fallback menu button.
- GTK3: Fixed some other bugs and made some minor improvements.

- GTK3: Fixed progressbar through.
- Assets: Better focused button border.

- GTK3: Some minor bugfixes.

- GTK3: Added support for unity client side decoration. (This package is still only for GTK 3.12 though. Ubuntu 14.04 uses GTK 3.10.)
- GTK3: Improved progressbars a bit.
- GTK3: Added the metacity buttons to the client side decorations.

- Updated to work with Gnome 3.12.
Note: Don't upgrade if you're still using an earlier version of Gnome.
You can grab earlier versions here: https://launchpad.net/zukitwo/+series

- Added an index.theme file.
- GTK3: Sidebar hover effect added in Nautilus/Nemo.
- GTK3/2: Various tweaks.
- Shell: Removed the arrow on the app-menu (and other stuff) to make it look like it did before 3.10.

- GTK2: Thunar style added.
- GTK3: Fixed border below active tabs.

- GTK3: Better column headers. Nemo fixes. Fixed fine-tune scrollbar.
- GTK2: Removed unused assets for outdated apps.

- GTK3/Shell: A couple of fixes.

- GTK3: Updated to work with Gnome 3.10. The theme will break in earlier versions of Gnome-shell. Grab earlier versions here: https://launchpad.net/zukitwo/+series
- Shell theme: Revamped (Again!). :-P

- GTK3: Client Side Decoration CSS added. (For wayland.)
- GTK3: Support .rubberband in .content-view plus some more fixes.
- Mutter/Metacity: Fixed left aligned buttons and removed unused assets.

- Mutter theme: Fixed a lot of stuff.
- Legacy metacity theme: New everything.
- GTK3: Improved scale troughs.

- Mutter/Metacity: Previous release used the Zukiwi borders, this has now been fixed.
- Shell theme: New scrollbars and checkbuttons.

- ALL: Updated to work with Gnome 3.8. If you use Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 (or 12.10) I would not recommend an upgrade. It should work, but there may be some issues with the gnome-shell theme because 13.04 will use Gnome 3.6 components.
- ALL: New borders, switches, sliders, progressbars etc. New look for menus and stuff in the gnome-shell theme.

- GTK3/Mutter: Some minor bug fixes.

- GTK3: Some bug fixes and some changes to the treeview list.
- GTK3: Nemo style added.
- GTK2: Fixes for xfce-panel. (May behave a bit inconsistent with some applets.)
- XFWM4: Left and right border now 2px in size because of a xorg or driver bug that made them invisible.

- GTK3: New switch buttons. Active focus border added. Better tabs and column headers. Some other minor fixes.

- Shell theme: Some fixes and default font changed from Liberation to Droid. (Make sure to include ttf-droid to the depends if you're maintaining a package of this.)
- GTK3/GTK2: Separators added to menus.
- GTK3: Improved button borders.
- GTK3: Some other minor fixes and tweaks.

- Unity: Changed the panel color to match the rest of the theme, plus added the new buttons.
- GTK3: Osd support added.
- GTK3: Several fixes and some minor changes.

- GTK3: Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
- Shell theme: Switch buttons now visible again.
- XFWM4: Updated the theme to the new look. (If you don't have any left or right borders see: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54168 )

- GTK3/GTK2/Metacity: Some bug fixes.
- GTK3: Some minor improvements to linked buttons and entrys.

- GTK3/Shell: Updated to work with Gnome (GTK+) 3.6. Will break in any earlier or later versions of Gnome.
- Shell theme: Changed the previous look on buttons and borders etc. Made the panel a bit darker.
- Mutter: New buttons taken from my previous Zukiwi theme.

Note: Because Gnome 3.6 is the worst release of Gnome so far - this theme no longer contains Zukitwo-Dark. I had no motivation to maintain it any longer. There are also plenty of old and new bugs plus regressions.

This theme also no longer requires the Unico GTK3 engine.

... Purged changelog.

- First release.

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 Metacity (bug?)

 by CruyffTurn on: Dec 5 2011
Score 50%

Hi there,

Thanks for all your work - I've been using your themes since Zuki, then I switched to Droid, and then your masterpiece: Simpleton! :-)

Anyway, I've noticed the titlebar is bigger in later releases of Zukitwo - I still have the initial release on my hard-drive and copy it over to use it instead of the later metacity-1. Is this deliberate? I only ask as on my 17" laptop the earlier metacity looks much better.

And when are you going to do a Simpleton GTK3/Shell theme!

Love your work, keep it up!

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 Re: Metacity (bug?)

 by lassekongo83 on: Dec 6 2011
Score 50%

I did increase the vertical padding on the titlebar a couple of months ago. Though I'm not sure why I did it, maybe because I tried to adjust the button placement.

Try changing this value to a lower one (like 9 or 8) in the metacity-theme-3.xml file: distance name="title_vertical_pad" value="11"

As for Simpleton. My next metacity theme I'm working on will be borderless and pretty similar... except for the buttons. Zukitwo GTK2/GTK3 and the Nord shell theme can work as a replacement for the widgets and stuff. ;)

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 Re: Re: Metacity (bug?)

 by CruyffTurn on: Dec 7 2011
Score 50%

Looking forward to your next theme. Thanks for the metacity tip.

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 Really good

 by hellsdark on: Dec 7 2011
Score 50%

I really like this gtk theme, very clean.
Just one thing could be better :
The "modal" windows. The top border does not integrate very well.
Could there be a solution ?

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 Thunderbird turned ugly?

 by IBBoard on: Dec 12 2011
Score 50%

I've just upgraded Thunderbird to 8.0 and it seems to have turned ugly in the Zukitwo Dark theme. For some reason (probably the Mozilla guys being "cool" and altering the styling of their widgets) the buttons as well as the menu bar are now dark, but the buttons are still light when I hover over them. I like the dark title bar and menu bar, but I don't like dark button bars.

Is there anything that can be done about this, or have Mozilla made a change that screwed something up in an unfixable way?


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 Re: Thunderbird turned ugly?

 by lassekongo83 on: Dec 15 2011
Score 50%

Unfixable. This bug have to be reported to those who are responsible for the gtk integration of Thunderbird.

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 Re: Re: Thunderbird turned ugly?

 by IBBoard on: Dec 15 2011
Score 50%

Okay, thanks, I guess I'll live with it for now then. Hopefully the Thunderbird guys can fix it soon.

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 Banshee Problem. Possible GTK 2 bug?

 by Bhran on: Dec 18 2011
Score 50%

On Zukitwo-Resonance, at least, the track info popup (which uses GTK+2) shows white text over light grey background, making it really difficult to read.

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 Xfce panel icons size

 by Carlinhos on: Dec 21 2011
Score 50%

In Xfce if I set my panel size to lower than 24 my applets will look unconveniently small: http://gyazo.com/dc9f677ea38e204cf4bd47e290b76c1d.png (size 23)

This doesn't happen with other themes so I was wondering if there is a value I should change in order to fix this. Thanks.

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 Re: Xfce panel icons size

 by lassekongo83 on: Dec 21 2011
Score 50%

The panel in XFCE resizes the icons based on the xthickness and ythickness set to the panel in the panel.rc file. Try changing those values to 0.

Other panels with proper design resizes the icons based on the height of the panel and uses the x and ythickness as a padding between items.

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 Re: Re: Xfce panel icons size

 by Carlinhos on: Dec 21 2011
Score 50%

Changing the xthickness to 3 fixed the issue, thank you for your help. However the window buttons handle now looks weird but I guess I can wihout it.

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 Cinnamon theme

 by Gatesgamer33 on: Jan 4 2012
Score 50%

Is there any chance there can be a port of this theme to Cinnamon? Cinnamon is a fork of gnome 3. I don't think it would be too hard.

Here is an example of a forked theme: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Eleganse+and+dark-glass+Cinnamon+themes?content=147807

Always keep your words short and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
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