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   TUM 1.04  

GNOME Splash Screen

Score 76%

Downloads:  2173
Submitted:  Jul 7 2009
Updated:  Nov 14 2009


Tested with Intrepid,Jaunty and Karmic

created by TheeMahn The creator of Ultimate Edition and polished by red_team 316 , simplified by me.

TUM 1.04 Install Instructions:
Simplified! Only three steps to get started!

- Copy and save this page for future reference.

- Download the .tar.gz at the bottom of this page.

- Please read all before starting.

- Hint: you can copy and paste the commands (without the "=>")

- open the tar.gz2 place both tar files on your desktop

- Open a terminal (if you don't know how to open a terminal STOP NOW !)

- and type (or copy and past without the "=>")

=> sudo apt-get install libusplash-dev libbogl-dev libc6-dev make gcc

- Close terminal after completion

- go to Home> (click "View" in tool bar, then click "show hidden files") go to .gnome2>nautilus scripts and open

- now, double click make Usplash 1.04.tar.gz on your desktop and open

- drag that file into nautilus scripts and close the windows

- open your home folder Places>home right click on the window "create folder"
name it TUM and open it

- now drag the TUM-DATA.tar.gz from your desktop into the TUM folder and close the windows

- NOW make a custom Usplash

- I have worked with this application and I'm just going to tell you how I do it,right or wrong it works for me.

- find a wallpaper you like, something not to crazy as the usplash is limited, to 256 colors @ 8 bit and a 1024X768 resolution works best

- put the wallpaper you want to have as a usplash on your desktop,

- Right click, go to scripts and click on make usplash 1.04

- some prep box's will come up click OK on the first on the 2nd make sure all resolutions are checked click OK, you should see some folders and such on your desktop and the usplash maker box's popping up with the different resolutions, after usplash is complete a .so file should be on your desktop.

- Open startup-manager >system>startup-manager click manage usplash themes
- Click "add" a new window will open click >file system>home>username>desktop double click your .so file it will now be in your startup manager,close the little box, click usplash theme bar and choose your new usplash,and close startup manager

- let it finish

- now test your new usplash

- Open a terminal and type (or copy and past with out the "=>")

=> sudo usplash -c

- If all goes as planed your new usplash should appear

- To get back to your desktop press super or windoze key(the key between ctrl and alt) and F7 so, super+F7

- you can now save or delete .so and make usplash files and save (if you already haven't) your wallpaper pic.

NOTE: The usplashs that you make will only work on rigs with the same architecture (see rev.1 @ the bottom)

NOTE: You should be able to "drag" the files into there folder without root permissions, how ever in the event the system won't let you do this;
- in a terminal type or copy and past with out the "=>"

=> gksudo nautilus

- This will open a new "root" window and then just follow the above instructions,remember that command if your having permission problems it's a great help!


you can place the progress bar any where you want! to better accommodate your picture

- Open your TUM folder
- Open the TUM.tar.gz
- Open the workinprogress folder
- Open the usplash-theme-ubuntu.c
- Scroll down till you find the resolution you use
- example: is 1024X768 - XXXXXX is by the values you change

struct usplash_theme usplash_theme_1024_768 = {
.version = THEME_VERSION,
.next = &usplash_theme_1280_1024,
.ratio = USPLASH_4_3,

/* Background and font */
.pixmap = &pixmap_usplash_1024_768,
.font = &font_helvB10,

/* Palette indexes */
.background = 0,
.progressbar_background = 7,
.progressbar_foreground = 50,
.text_background = 0,
.text_foreground = 100,
.text_success = 100,
.text_failure = 120,

/* Progress bar position and size in pixels */
XXXXXX .progressbar_x = 675, /* 1024/2 - 216/2 */
XXXXXX .progressbar_y = 15,
.progressbar_width = 230,
.progressbar_height = 15,

/* Functions */
.init = t_init,
.clear_progressbar = t_clear_progressbar_1024_768,
.draw_progressbar = t_draw_progressbar_1024_768,
.animate_step = t_animate_step_1024_768,

- The progress bar_X and_Y values after the "=" change the placement of the throbber _X = 675 and _y = 15 puts the throbber at the upper right side,this is one of my settings and is the default of the TUM usplash maker I have provided this is for a 1024X768 resolution and the following is also for a 1024X768 resolution,if you use another resolution you will have to experiment a little. The original throbber is slightly lower than middle,in the center of the screen (didn't like it!)it gets in the way! so now i will give you some of the settings that I use! AGAIN these are for a 1024X768 res.

- _X is left or right 800 is farthest right and 40 is the farthest left that I have gone and these put it close to ether edge
- so _X high #s move right lower #s move left

- _Y is up or down 650 is the lowest I have gone and 15 the highest
- So the higher the #s the lower the throbber
- the lower the #s the throbber goes up

- Try these

- _X @ 400 and _Y @ 350 puts the throbber in about the middle of the screen
- _X @ 400 and _Y @ 650 puts the throbber at bottom middle
- _X @ 400 and _Y @ 15 puts the throbber at top middle
- _X @ 800 and _Y @ 15 puts the throbber at top right
- _X @ 40 and _Y @ 15 puts the throbber top left

- If you use another resolution you will have to experiment with the the values

- After making any changes click save and close the windows

- It is best to write down your settings and where the throbber is placed for future reference

- Again these are settings I use on a 1024X768 resolution

- go ahead and experiment with the placement


- Open the "TUM" folder in your "home" folder>open "TUM-DATA">open "usplash">click "throbber_fore.png"
-This should open a picture viewer,right click on throbber image>open with "gimp"
- With gimp open>"FILE">"NEW"-create new image 216 X 8 > OK
- A new image will come up in a new window
- Click on a color "tool" (air brush,bucket fill)- click the top box - (middle -bottom)foreground color,choose a color you want , and paint NEW IMAGE when done,>FILE>SAVE AS>
"throbber_fore" >select file type (by extension) "png" "SAVE TO DESKTOP">"SAVE"
- You can now close gimp
- Back to TUM-DATA with the two "throbber" png's
- Top of window "ADD FILES">desktop>your new throbber_fore.png>Add
- Now your new "THROBBER" is now installed in TUM 1.04,you can close all windows and repeat the above instructions,to try out your new throbber.

- >> NOTE: I have only used the default color pallet in gimp, and used many different colors in the throbber, and it worked well,I don't think you can use other "fancy" gradients;I don't know ,I haven't try'd,but as time allows I will update.but go ahead and experiment with the default colors.

- >> NOTE: To test the new throbber you have to reboot, as sudo usplash -c will only show the new usplash and placement of the throbber with out the throbber color.

- >> NOTE: Isn't it nice to have a new throbber!?
(I just couldn't resist!:))

NOTE: The original instructions and files can be found @ http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1767&start=0

Thanks red_team316 !

(I have modified this by removing the dialogue box and moving the throbber if you have to down load the above link files you will have a black dialogue box in your usplash, to remove dialogue box; you have to open the TUM data.tar.gz,open workinprogress folder,open usplash-theme-ubuntu.c. scroll down till you see "text box and text details" left click and drag (I do it from bottom to top) to just below "progress bar_height" and delete,be sure to leave a space between "progress_bar and */functions" do this for all resolutions , and hit save , and the next time you use usplash maker 1.04 the box will be gone!)


Updated intro, and added red_team316's corrections (original author of TUM)


A correction: Usplash can support up to 256 colors(8-bit). Windows XP and previous versions use 16 colors(4-bit). Can't remember atm but I think GRUB is limited to 4-bit colors.
A correction: Usplashes are transferable to other rigs assuming that the architecture(x86 vs x86_64) is the same as well as the version of Usplash is installed(Dapper v1, Edgy-Hardy v2, Intrepid+ v3) is the same.
A correction: The throbber can colors be changed(via GIMP or another image prog), but you'll want to keep the image sizes the same or else I'm positive you'll end up with something you didn't intend. TUM will do the proper palleting for you, but it wont necessarily do the fine tuning of individual pixel colors. If you use 8-bit palette d images to start with that all use the same color palette for each image, you will know exactly what your usplash will look like in the final composition.

update: put in how to change throbber color

Tested Karmic-OK

Ubuntu(usplash maker 1.04)
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 by Padster on: Jul 7 2009
Score 50%

that sounds awesome!

i have been wondering how to make a usplash for so long, and now this!

i will be sure to try it, but right now i'm on my kde computer (kde3, i hate 4)

thanks again!

There is no spoon.
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 by mangkorn on: Jul 13 2009
Score 50%

Great job. Thank you so muh I'm looking for so long time for such a thing. Thanx

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 by biootter on: Jul 17 2009
Score 50%

ever time i use it i get this message

"It is suggested to re-run the script, the server may be under a heavy load. If the message persists, please verify you have an internet connection, the server is online & try again. Please refer to UbuntuSoftware Forum for further info."

i think i did some thing wrong?

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 Re: usplash

 by johnnyg on: Jul 18 2009
Score 50%

Sounds like 1 of 4 things

1. did you untar the make usplash 1.04 and put just the script into gnome2.scripts

2. dont untar the TUM tar.gz ,the whole tar.gz goes into the TUM folder

3.did you do the terminal commands

4.did you mix up the 2 tar.gz's and put them in each others place?

In any case go back through and delete the script and TUM folder and re-install,
also did you start TUM 1.04 with the picture on the desktop and not in another folder?
let me know what you find out! and what you did to fix it.

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 Alls I got..

 by thebatmanmassacre on: Jul 21 2009
Score 50%

This is as far as I got:

- Open startup-manager >system>startup-manager click manage usplash themes

there is no MANAGE USPLASH THEMES on my Startup-Manager :(

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 by thebatmanmassacre on: Jul 21 2009
Score 50%

Nevermind, I'm apparently an idiot and didn't even have usplash downloaded!
Works like a charm awesome stuff man!

The ubuntu class idiot.
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 if dont work

 by PhantomSM on: Jul 21 2009
Score 50%

If dont work - try to install imagemagick

=> sudo apt-get install imagemagick

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