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Window Applets


Other GNOME Stuff

Score 80%
Window Applets

Window Applets

Window Applets

Minimum required   GTK 3.x
Downloads:  15450
Submitted:  Apr 30 2009
Updated:  Feb 17 2012


GNOME Panel applets substitute the maximized window title and buttons. I've decided to make it because GNOME violates Fitts's Law by putting a panel between the maxed window buttons and the corner of the screen. These applets were designed to solve the problem. Window Title and Window Buttons are essentially controls for windows that are placed on the Panel instead of a window. They also provide a clever way to increase vertical screen space. By default they only control maximized windows, but can be configured to control any focused window.

If you find a bug, please report it in the comments section. Also if you voted "minus", please explain why so I may improve the applets.

Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/~tsbarnes/+archive/misc/ Thank you Scott!
Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd8 Thank you Andrew!
Mandriva: ftp://ftp.linux.org.tr/pub/mandriva-tr/2010.1/ Thank you Atilla!

Ubuntu (for 0.2.10): build-essential, intltool, libwnck-dev, libpanel-applet2-dev, *autoconf-archive
Ubuntu (for 0.3): build-essential, intltool, libwnck-3-dev, libpanel-applet-4-dev

Installation from source:
1) Download
2) Unpack
3) ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gconf-schema-file-dir=/usr/share/gconf/schemas
4) make
5) sudo make install
6) cd buttons && sudo gconf-schemas --register windowbuttons.schemas && cd ../title && sudo gconf-schemas --register windowtitle.schemas && cd ..
* Alternatively you can try using gconftool-2 --install-schema-file instead of gconf-schemas --register
7) Add desired applets to panel.

Q: How do I hide the window decorations on maximized windows so that it looks like in the screenshots?
A: The simplest way is with the help of Compiz. Right click on the Window Buttons applet --> Preferences --> Behavior --> "Hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows". If you do not want to use Compiz then you can achieve the same effect using an external program called maximus created by Canonical Ltd.
Q: After installation, I cannot find the applets in the "Add to Panel" dialog.
A: Try restarting the panel by pressing Alt+F2 and typing: killall gnome-panel.

- Make a variant for Gnome Shell
- Make a variant for Unity
- WBA: A more user-friendly way to configure button order
- WBA: Option to save/export the theme
- New screenshots (feel free to contribute)
- Investigate merging of XfApplet functionality

Latest update:
The project is back!
New source (version 0.3)! - Please report any bugs!
The new version has been ported to Gnome 3 classic. It is not yet possible to run it in Gnome Shell or Unity, but this will change!
If you want to use it in Gnome 2, download version 0.2.10.
New Ubuntu builds (version 0.3). Credits to Webupd8!
Ported version 0.2.10 to MATE. Source available.


- Ported applets to Gnome 3
- Migrated Bonobo to DBus
- Moved logo pixmaps to proper folder
- Makefile cleanups
- Added tooltips (off by default)
- WTA: Improved automatic color detection
- WBA: Moved themes into proper folder

Source(Window Applets 0.3)
Source(Window Applets 0.2.10 for MATE)
Ubuntu(Window Applets 0.3 [x86])
Ubuntu(Window Applets 0.3 [x86_64])
Ubuntu(Window Applets 0.2.10 [x86])
Ubuntu(Window Applets 0.2.10 [x86_64])
Debian(Window Applets 0.2.10 [x86])
Debian(Window Applets 0.2.10 [x86_64])
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 bug maybe already fixed, I've seen a comment on it

 by ioqzc on: Feb 26 2013
Score 50%

I have an ubuntu 12.04 with gnome 3 fallback. I installed gnome-window-
applets(see http://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/window-applets-finally-
available-for.html) some days ago and found something that looks like a
bug; try:

prereq.: all behavior check-boxes from preferences-> behavior are
setted to "on".
1. open an window and maximise it -> the applet buttons show up and and
are focused(this is correct)
2. open a second window(pick one that by default is not created
maximized) --> as it is not maximized, the applet buttons get to a
unfocused state(like shadowed --- sorry for my lack of technical terms);
this is also correct because they do not manipulate anymore a maximized
window as I checked in preferences.
3. vertically maximize the second window("throw" it against the right
side of the screen) --> the applet buttons get to a focused state(wrong
anyway, also see note 1) but if I click one button, the first window
gets minimised/closed/unmaximised, not the second(aka the foused)

So I expect step 3 to always be "applet buttons get to focused state and
they will manipulate the second window(see note 2) becuse it s focused
and (vertically) maximised"...
I think it is very important that the butons can get to be focused at
this step: this tells the user the active window is manipulated by the
applet butons, but it is not! --- this is not questionably.

Note 1: I persoanally expect that to happen --- so it is correct ---
because the violation of Fitt's law that this applet solves is exactly
about maximized windows and the animation from the "throwing" tells me
that a maximization(even if not on all screen, but only on the half
right) is taking place. But this is questionable because:
Note 2: there is a problem with my expectation: if the window is
maximized vertically by other means(say, by using gnome keyboard
shortcuts) then the window might get to occupy some vertical are that is
not near the corner of the screen --- but I personally see no practical
disadvantage in that.

I tried to fix it(so this would be a patch) so I replaced in
all "wnck_window_is_maximized" with
"wnck_window_is_maximized_vertically". I think that only the last of these calls needs to be changed but I did not test it because...
These modifications solved all the issues :)

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 by airinuxazis on: Mar 17 2013
Score 50%
Airinux project

Can you fix this problem? I get this problem when restarting the gnome panel.


Thanks & Regards Azis

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 Bug under ubuntu-gnome-x64

 by bzimage on: May 1 2013
Score 50%

I'm a big fan of your plugin, and have used it since ubuntu1204. Because I hate unity and gnome-shell, so I have to use fallback mode.
And I found when I checked the hide icon/title option, it works immediately, but when I restart gnome-panel, it will not hide.
I looked through your code, and add a line in init_wtapplet() in windowtitle.c, like following :
toggleExpand (wtapplet);
toggleHidden (wtapplet);
updateTitle (wtapplet);
toggleHidden (wtapplet); //this is added
it now will work properly, but I know it may not be a good solution, so here is the info for you.

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 MATE version doesn't work under 1.6.0

 by aubade on: Jun 8 2013
Score 50%

Unfortunately, it looks like the MATE version of the window applets doesn't work in the new MATE 1.6--they've moved their panel from mateconf to GSettings.

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 Ubuntu 13

 by zizzu on: Jun 29 2013
Score 50%

Hey great job with this applet.
I have to say that it didnt work on Ubuntu 13.04 at first, then after using gnome-tweak-tool and switching "file manager handle the desktop" on and off again it worked.
Thank you.

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 Re: Ubuntu 13

 by zizzu on: Jun 29 2013
Score 50%

Oh and i had also to install maximus, apt-get install maximus

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 Re: Re: Ubuntu 13

 by zizzu on: Jun 29 2013
Score 50%

then to prevent maximus to maximize windows every time apt-get install gconf-editor go to apps, maximus, and check no_maximize, now all is ok :)

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 Re: Re: Re: Ubuntu 13

 by zniavre on: Jul 20 2013
Score 50%

i made a special metacity theme with no border, no buttons in maximized state

> http://tinyurl.com/l3dfl34 < (my dropbox plublic folder)

it's a workaround but nicely working

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 window title applet covers other applets...

 by masavini on: Jul 15 2013
Score 50%

hi, please take a look at this screenshot:

i'm running window title applet on ubuntu 13.04 (gnome classic) and if the title is very long, this applet covers some of the icons on the right part of the panel...

any hint?


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