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Other GNOME Stuff

Score 80%



Downloads:  60267
Submitted:  Mar 25 2009
Updated:  Oct 25 2012


The news section is removed. To get news about DockbarX releases and development you should see the DockbarX page on google+.

INSTALL for Ubuntu
DockbarX is available in DockBar's ppa at launchpad.

All you need to do if you use Ubuntu 9.10 or newer is to write these two commands in terminal:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dockbar-main/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dockbarx

You can also install the dockbarx-themes-extra package which contains quite a few beautiful themes:
$ sudo apt-get install dockbarx-themes-extra

If you want to use DockbarX as an AWN 0.4 applet install awn-applet-dockbarx:
$ sudo apt-get install awn-applet-dockbarx

To be able to access DockbarX's recent and most used menus for openoffice, you need update zeitgeist to a newer version. If you use an older version of ubuntu than 10.10, you need to update zeitgeist to get recent and most used menus for any program.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa && sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 zeitgeist

DockManager helpers
- To use DockManager helpers, you need to install dockmanager and dockmanager-daemon (available from dockbar ppa and awn-testing ppa) as well as libdesktop-agnostic-cfg-gconf and libdesktop-agnostic-vfs-gio. Then you need to activate DockManager and the helpers you like to use from DockbarX prefeference.
$ sudo apt-get install dockmanager dockmanager-daemon libdesktop-agnostic-cfg-gconf libdesktop-agnostic-vfs-gio

INSTALL manually
Downlad dockbarx. Read up to date install instructions in the README file that comes with it.

DOWNLOAD from bzr branch (for testers)
To be able to deliver stable releases, DockbarX needs more people who are willing to test new code before it is released! If you can live with the possible instabilities caused by running bleeding-edge DockbarX, please get dockbarx via bzr. Don't forget to report any bug you discover.

Get the branch with:
bzr branch lp:dockbar/dockbarx

To get updates, just use:
bzr pull

See README for install instructions.

Dockbar is created by Aleksey Shaferov and the DockbarX branch is developed by Matias Särs.

Dockbar is made by Aleksey Shaferov.
DockbarX branch is developed by Matias Särs.

Dockbar and DockbarX are licensed under GPL3.

Dockbar has a launchpad page. If you want to report bugs, translate DockbarX into your language or request features, you should do it there, if possible. It's still OK to report bugs and request features here as well, if you don't want to register a launchpad account. The launchpad page is for both vanilla Dockbar and DockbarX, so make sure to tag any requests or bug reports directed to DockbarX with "dockbarx".


Q: Why do you want to make Linux into a Microsoft Windows 7 clone?
A: I don't. The goal of DockbarX isn't to be a clone of the Windows 7 task bar. Windows 7 task bar has a good principle, though. When it comes to your most used programs it's more productive to do all window handling - launching, selecting, closing, etc. from the same few pixels. If I need a Firefox window I move my mouse cursor to the same spot on the screen regardless of which Firefox window I want and or if I even have opened a Firefox window yet. This behavior is good and it would be stupid not to implement it just because "Windows had it first". Don't reduce your productivity out of stubbornness. When it comes to looks, it's up to you to choose a theme that looks like windows 7 or a theme that doesn't look that way.

Here are some historical references about docks:

And another interesting link that has had quite a bit of influence on my work with DockbarX:

Q: I want a button for every window instead of all windows of the same application grouped together under one button. When will DockbarX support that?
A: Never. That would demand quite a bit of restructuring of the code and I believe it's less productive to keep the windows ungrouped. You are welcome to change the code yourself if you don't like my decision, or try the applet Talika it might suit your needs better than DockbarX does.

Q: I added a new launcher for program X but when I click on the launcher a new groupbutton is made for the window instead of using the groupbutton of the launcher. What went wrong?
A: Dockbarx connects group buttons and windows by using the resource class name of the application. When a launcher is added dockbarx tries to guess the resource class name of that launcher. This works in most cases but not always. Apparently it didn't work for your program X. To fix this, right-click on the launcher for program X and choose "Edit Resource name" and enter the correct resource name. If the program is already running you should be able to find its resource class name in the drop-down list.

Q: There is no menu option to pin program X, but there is one for program Y and Z. WTF?
A: Dockbarx wasn't able to identify program X correctly then. You can "pin" the program by dragging its icon from the gnome menu instead. Oh, and you will probably have to enter the resource name manually as well (see previous question).

Q: How do I get to preference dialog?
A: Right-click the handle (the dots or lines to the left of dockbarx) to get a menu where you can choose the preference option. Viola! Sometimes though, you have to double-right-click the handle to get the menu. Don't ask me why - just do it.

Q: None of DockbarX's compiz stuff like "compiz scale" work. Why?
A: Make sure you enable the GLib extension in Compiz settings manager and that the compiz plugin dockbarx uses is activated as well. (e.g. for group button action "compiz scale" to work you need the scale plugin activated)

Q: What is Opacify and how do I get it to work?
A: Opacify is a way to find localize a window with DockbarX. When opacify is on and you roll over a name in the window list with the mouse, all other windows will become transparent so that you easy can spot the window. To activate opacify you need to go to the appearance tab of the preference dialog and check in opacify checkbox. Opacify requires compiz fusion and you need to activate the plugin Opacity, Brightness and Saturation in CompizConfig!

Q: How do I install a theme?
A: If you find a theme on the web that you like, copy the file (should be SOMETHING.tar.gz) to ~/.dockbarx/themes or /usr/share/dockbarx/themes. You change themes in the appearance tab of preference dialog. You might need to press the reload button before your newly installed theme shows up.

Q: How can I make a theme of my own?
A: Read Theming HOWTO. If you need help ask me (Matias Särs alias M7S) on gnome-look or at launchpad. I'm happy to help theme developers as much as I can.

There's an Extra themes package containing some really nice themes that you can download (see below) or install from the ppa (see above)

If you are the author of any of the themes and want to have it removed or changed in any way, or if you want your real name instead of a nick name, please contact me. Same goes for anyone who wants their theme added to the package.


Bug fixes:
- Volume-control was not installed with the rest of the applets.
- A small bug stopped volume-controll from starting on a fresh setup.

Bug fixes:
- Appindicators: indicator-application-service wasn't started with the applet in ubuntu 12.10 since the path to the file differs from previous ubuntu releases.
- Appindicators: older versions of indicator-application-service are now supported. Appindicator applet works in ubuntu 11.10 (and perhaps eariler versions as well).

- Appindicator menus pop up next to the dock instead of at mouse pointer. Appindicator icon size is increased to 18.
- Added a launcher for DockX.

Bug fixes:
- Bug #970737: DockX background disappeared on mouse over with cairo 1.12.
- Bug #1066875: Visual glitches in right click menu for ubuntu 12.10 (compiz bug).
- Namebar themes were installed in the wrong folder which made the applet crash.

Translations are updated as well.

0.90 - Jump in version number to signal that a 1.0 version is closing in.
- The stand alone dock supports applets now. See list of applets below.
- The selection of themes that comes with DockbarX is renewed. All themes should work both horizontal and vertical.
- The appearence tab in dockbarx preferences has gotten a little face lift and all themes now comes with a info text that is shown when pushing the info button in appearence tab.
- The width of window titles in window list can be specified now if no previews are used.

Theme making:
- Rotate command to rotate pixmaps and icons. The composite command can also rotate the foreground pixmap by using the option angle.
- The if command has gotten a new option orient so that themes can look differently depending on the docks position (left, right, up or down).
- To simplify things different values for different orientations can also be set by usining sets. More info on this will be added later. For now read theme config to see examples (DMD glass is a good choise).
- Offsets and sizes can be set with in percent of the button size instead of only in absolut pixels. Combinations can also be used like "-3px-15%".
- Aspect ratios can be set separately when themes are used vertically by setting the option aspect_ratio_v in button_pixmap command.

- DockbarX (duh)
- Cardapio: An alternative gnome menu, launcher and much more. Cardapio has to be installed for it to work.
- Clock: Show time and if you want the date. The looks is changeable by changing fonts or using custom gnome clock applet strings (google it). On clicks orage will be launched if installed. If you want to launch something else change the gconf key /apps/dockbarx/applets/clock/command.
- Appindicator: Shows appindicators. Indicator-application needs to be installed for it to work.
- Volume control: Controls volume. Ported from AWN.
- Namebar/window titile/windowbuttons: Shows window title and/or close/maximize/minimize buttons on the panel to save screen space.

And some bug fixes as well.

- More intuitive placement of drag-dropped launchers, they don't always end up on the right side of the button you drop them on anymore.

Bug fixes:
- Workaround for the Compiz preview bug. Previews should work more or less as they are supposed to even if you use Compiz 0.9 now (even for minimized windows if you activate "keep previews of minimized windows" in workarounds plugin).
- Previews are resized correctly on window geometry changes.
- The dock doesn't loose the ability to resize itself anymore every time the compositing window manager is restarted.
- Bug #837711: DockX repositioned itself when unhiding.
- Bug #854551: DockbarX failed to recognize windows moved to another workspace.
- Bug #854561: DockbarX fails to show the selected window when using drag and drop.

(DockbarX 0.90.3)
(Extra themes)
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  there are bugs

 by nhianho on: Dec 27 2010
Score 50%

There is a bug that doesnt allow me to pin down Thunderbird, and the icon also changes when it appears on dockbarx. When I right-clicked on Thunderbird when it is opened on dockbarx, the only option I got is to make a custom launcher.

Another bug appears when I run SPE( stani python editor), dockbarx allows me to pin down the app but it automatically adjusts the icon and although the app is pinned down, I cannot launch it from dockbarx like the other apps.

I hope you fix these problems soon and after all, thank you very much for creating such a wonderful app.

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 Pref window not working

 by Anarchj on: Dec 29 2010
Score 50%

With 0.41 in ppa it seems I'm not able to go to pref window. If I click it:

* (dockbarx_factory.py:3063): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowState' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'

** (dockbarx_factory.py:3063): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowActions' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'

** (dockbarx_factory.py:3063): WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowMoveResizeMask' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'
Dockbarx init
Dockbarx reload
Opened window matched with gio app on id: gedit
/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/dockbarx/iconfactory.py:260: DeprecationWarning: PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr: use PyArray_NewFromDescr.
for row in pb.get_pixels_array():

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/dbx_preference.py", line 1381, in <module>
File "/usr/bin/dbx_preference.py", line 790, in __init__
File "/usr/bin/dbx_preference.py", line 876, in update
KeyError: 'old_menu'

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 Re: Pref window not working

 by Anarchj on: Dec 29 2010
Score 50%

ok, I deleted all the file in /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ and now everythung seems to work :)

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 I would like...

 by kv1dr on: Dec 30 2010
Score 50%

I would like to see shortcuts like in windows(Super+1 or Windows key+1 open(or show it, if it's already opened) first program in dockbarx) :)

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 by gufide on: Dec 31 2010
Score 50%

It is possible to add the possibility to choose the theme of preview? I think that can be integrate in a theme, so I select a theme ex. deep and this theme is both the deep theme for the bar and also select a theme for the preview box, and the ability to change it separately. This can be great!

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 Re: themes?

 by M7S on: Dec 31 2010
Score 50%

Yes, there are plans for making the window list theme-able. But I don't think there will be the possibility to use one theme for the group buttons and another for the window list since I plan to keep the custom colors in the preference dialog and I wan't theme makers to have the possibility to use the same color in both the popup and the buttons. This will also make backward compatibility with old themes possible (or at least reduce the amount needed to update the themes).

I have a few features higher up on the priority list than this feature though. You'll have to wait a few releases, but it will be there before the next "stable" version 0.50.

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 Feature request

 by InverseHypercube on: Jan 2 2011
Score 50%


This is the best dock-type application! I just have one feature request, if possible. I notice window previews (it only shows the icon) and opacify don't work when a window is minimized. It would be nice to have an option to enable this.

Thanks in advance!

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 Re: Feature request

 by M7S on: Jan 2 2011
Score 50%

Opacify for minimized windows is of course possible but opacify for a minimized window would show nothing but the desktop. Would that make more sense?

Previews for minimized windows is possible with compiz 0.9.2 or kwin (the kde window manager).

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 Re: Re: Feature request

 by InverseHypercube on: Jan 2 2011
Score 50%

If I recall correctly, the Windows 7 taskbar shows previews and allows Aero Peek for minimized windows.

Basically the previews should always be shown, and opacify shows the selected window (not an empty desktop), but it remains minimized. I find this behaviour desirable because often I want to switch to a minimized window, and knowing which one would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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 Re: Re: Re: Feature request

 by M7S on: Jan 3 2011
Score 50%

As stated before, previews for minimized windows works for compiz 0.9.2 (and with kwin). Opacify is a hack and can't show a minimized window unless it actually is unminimized.

It could be possible to have DockbarX unminimize windows when a group button is howered and minimize them again when the cursor leaves the button. This could have quite a few unwelcome side effects though. It will surely make the alt+tab order seem random. ;)

Thinking about it... you could probably just as well (or just as badly) fake the whole opacify effect on computers that doens't use compiz by temporarily minimizing all other windows.

I can't make up my mind. Is this a _really_ dumb idea or something actually worth testing?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Feature request

 by InverseHypercube on: Jan 3 2011
Score 50%

Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. The only problem I can see, though, is that the minimize and maximize animations will interfere. If they can be inhibited, it's probably worth a try.

There is also the problem of non-minimizable windows, but they are pretty rare.

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 Re: Re: Feature request

 by fanoy on: Jan 3 2011
Score 50%

hi.. i have problem with preview docbarx I use. preview is not show in my netbook. only icon and title is shown. I use Ubuntu maverick. can be explained?

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 Re: Re: Re: Feature request

 by M7S on: Jan 3 2011
Score 50%

- Do you use compiz?
- Did you check the option "show previews" in DockbarX preference?
- Is the kde compability plugin activated in compiz settings manager?
- Is "use plamsa previews" (or whatever it's called) checked in the kde compability plugin?

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 by Xavuap on: Jan 7 2011
Score 50%

Hello Mr or Mrs dbX. The present is to show you my screen. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5286/5332663680_02ce6e3e61_b.jpg As you can see there are beutiful icons all around. With dbX at the left, tray at the center and some topPanels buttons in the right or launchers. dbX is excelent because let us have 2 icons instead of 3 in the cases of rhythmbox or tramsmission, for example, but not enough. We should have in just one icon a launcher, the button of the task and the functionality of the system tray. I was doing my research and we are a lot of people interested in different ways on this issue that ca be solved unifing the tray with the dock. I think that your unyfing policy is sufficiently plenty of room to welcome this proposal.

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 Re: Tray

 by M7S on: Jan 8 2011
Score 50%

For the noticifaction area, that's not techically possible. But for ubuntus app indicators it should be possible. I'm investigating in how to implement those in DockbarX.

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