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GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 76%



Minimum required   GNOME 3.x
Downloads:  35780
Submitted:  Mar 4 2012
Updated:  Sep 1 2012


A theme inspired by my earlier work "Adwaita-cupertino" but looking softer contrasts and less "cupertino"

Added gnome-shell theme adapted to GrayDay
The gnome-shell theme is a modification of the nice theme "Ambiance Blue Theme Suite" created by satya164

Requirements: Gnome 3.4, GTK3 unico-engine, GTK2 Murrine and Pixmap engines.
Tested in Fedora 17 Gnome 3.4.x and Unity/Ubuntu 12.04

IMPORTANT: Inside the theme folder there is a readme.txt file with some instructions for customizations.
- 6 presets for change the highlight color scheme easily
- 5 styles for nautilus
3 styles to fit gnome 3.4 (gnome-shell) without globalmenu
2 styles specific for unity, to fit gnome 3.4 with globalmenu

- 5 styles for tabs (tabs-themed, tabs-themed-light, tabs-dark, tabs-gray, tabs-classic) see screenshot 3
- 2 styles for unity top panel (default theme and dark)


update 1.12 (2012-09-01)
- Added new buttons to metacity, now there are two options
1. - normal buttons (initial style)
2. - rounded buttons (new style)
To use one style or another, copy file content of metacity_buttons_normal.tar.gz or metacity_buttons_rounded.tar.gz in the folder ../GrayDay/metacity-1 (more details in readme.txt)
- small adjustments to the height of some widgets
- slight variation in the style of the gradients
- redesign in some applications to improve the appearance of the theme
gedit, terminal, nautilus and epiphany now have tabs in a similar safari style (screenshot 2)

update 1.11 (2012-05-30)
Maintenance release
- Fixed Color of some labels in rare circumstances
- Fixed tabs appearance of Epiphany
- GTK2: Fixed progressbar color
- small color correction sidebar
- Added color scheme "wood"
- Changed default tab style

update 1.10 (2012-05-24)
- Fix white font in some selected labels
- improved design of inlinetoolbar ([+-] in open-file dialogs)
- Now you have the opportunity to change the highlight color scheme easily
You only have to edit 1 line in /GrayDay/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
@import url("colors/gtk3-colors-default.css");

and for gtk2, one in the file /GrayDay/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
include "colors/gtk2-colors-default.rc"

Here are some predefined known options:
- Default: @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-default.css");
- Fedora (blue): @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-fedora.css");
- Ubuntu (orange): @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-ubuntu.css");
- Mint (green): @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-mint.css");
- Graphite: @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-graphite.css"); (recomended with tabs-gray.css)
- Red (try it!): @import url("colors/gtk3-colors-red.css");

and similar presets for gtk2

you can learn from the existing presets and create your own! ;)

update 1.03 (2012-05-14)
- IMPORTANT: The theme is now specifically for Gnome 3.4 (NOT INSTALL in Gnome 3.2)
- No more error messages when running applications from the terminal (gnome 3.4)
- Small tweaks in gnome-shell to suit gnome 3.4 (test for now)
- Significant changes in the overall appearance of several widgets (buttons, lists, nautilus pathbar ...)
- Drastic changes in appearance of the tabs (5 styles: tabs-themed, tabs-themed-light, tabs-dark, tabs-gray, tabs-classic). See screenshot 3 and readme.txt !!!

update 1.02 (2012-03-31)
- Small tweaks in gnome-shell
- Fix small bugs
- Refinement check-radio-buttons
- High adaptation to gnome 3.4 ubuntu 12.04 (still a small problem with text tabs color)

Version 1.01 (2012-03-11)
- Added gnome-shell theme
- small tweaks (some bordes, radiobutton a little darker, ...)

Version 1.0 (2012-03-09)
Complete compatibility with Gnome 3.2.1 and unity-ubuntu 11.10

In the next update, attempt completion of unity/ubuntu 12.04

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 Not nice at GTK 3.6

 by 3 on: Oct 24 2012
Score 63%
Klimov D.V.

After upgrade to 12.10 menu in your wonderful themes looks like:
How can I fix this?

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 Re: Not nice at GTK 3.6

 by trastes on: Oct 24 2012
Score 63%

You must have a few things clear:
- The theme is not for gnome 3.6, is for gnome 3.4
- Due to internal differences between gnome 3.6 and gnome 3.4, the themes of the two versions are incompatible.
- You can not fix if you can not do a theme for gnome 3.6, have to change many lines of code, too. (not a few lines)
- If the theme is not compatible with gnome 3.6, is because Gnome developers makes it incompatible with their updates.
- in just one year because of these updates I had to throw it away full theme 4 times, (lots of hours of work) and really tired already
- I'm trying to port the theme to gnome 3.6, but I can not say when it will be finished, some internal changes are too drastic.


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 How To Change Highlight Color in Gedit

 by nhM6hmJaKC on: Nov 1 2012
Score 63%

I recently downloaded and installed the GrayDay 1.12 on Ubuntu 12.04 (gnome 3.4). I really like the theme and the Fedora color map colors. I figured out how to adjust the row item selection shading from the default. I changed to 1.7 so that the highlighting a little darker in the gtk3-colors-fedora.css file.

Is there a way to adjust the highlight color shading used in Gedit and LibreOffice? When I use Gedit or LibreOffice, and I highlight text, the shading is too light and hard for me to see. I would like to make it darker, similar to what I've done with the shading in nautilus. Where can I make this adjustment if possible?

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 Re: How To Change Highlight Color in Gedit

 by trastes on: Nov 1 2012
Score 63%

Regarding gedit, in the next update is solved, but temporarily can do the following:

- edit the file ../grayday/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css

and add this to the end of the file (copy/paste)

@define-color back_linenumber_color shade(@theme_bg_color, 1.05);

GeditWindow GtkTextView {
background-color: @back_linenumber_color;

GtkTextView.view:selected {
background-color: shade(@theme_selected_bg_color, 1.70);

Now you can set the background color of the line numbers and color selection within gedit.

On LibreOffice ... considering it is a gtk2 application, the only thing I can think of is to try to change the selection color for gtk2

- edit the file ../grayday/gtk-2.0/colors/gtk2-colors-fedora.rc

gtk-color-scheme = "selected_bg_color:#4a70a6"
gtk-color-scheme = "selected_fg_color:#ffffff"

the first is the background color selection , and second, the selected foreground color

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 Re: Re: How To Change Highlight Color in Gedit

 by nhM6hmJaKC on: Nov 4 2012
Score 63%

Thanks for the quick response. The change gtk-widgets.css file worked to change the text selection color in Gedit. The text selection is darker now and easier to see.

Regarding the change to gtk2-colors-fedora.rc, it didn't seem to have an impact on the text selection color in LibreOffice. If you think of something else to try let me know. Thanks again for a great theme.

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