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BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like


GNOME Shell Theme

Score 54%
BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like

BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like

BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like

Depends on  GNOME 3.x
Downloads:  9678
Submitted:  Feb 3 2012
Updated:  Feb 24 2013


Fixed Gtk-2 & Gtk-3 panel/slider/colors issues ...
Final Release for Mint-14 Cinnamon + !!!
updated GTK-2 & GTK-3 to maclike ...
Suitable with my new Icon-pack for all editions from here :


Now Beta-3 My MacOS Like theme ready for Nadia - LinuxMint-14 and Ubuntu 12.10 ...
many fixes - equal color table for GTK-2 and GTK-3, new progresive bars, many color fixes /scrollbars/sliders, all selected colors more grey close, to the Apple ...
If you are still running Mint-12 (Lisa, like me) or Ubuntu 11.10 pls,delete gtk-3.0 inside the theme and then change the integrated 'gtk-3.0_Lisa-12' to the proper 'gtk-3.0' in order to use the full capacity of my theme in colours :) ...
BiSOFT-G3, MacOS-like ready for Maya (LinuxMint-13), also supports Mint-12 in add-ins and earlier ubuntu ver. inside + xfce theme and new updated Gnome shell theme + cinnamon 1.4 is white inside, as in the pictures :
1.metacity-1 for the frames - MacOS-like;win7 and winXp like inside
4.gnome-shell 3.4 white edition;
5.cinnamon 1.4 (for Mint-13 Maya);
6.unity 12.04 LTS ...
8.xfce support

Updated Cinnamon to latest state
bugs on colors and sizes : fixed for Gnome 3.4.1 for gtk 2. and gtk 3.
Inside metacity-1 small/normal(for me) and big buttons - for everyone to choose..

Very stable on Ubuntu 12.04 and on Maya (RC by now ...)

Good Luck


I have updated the theme to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS unity and gnome3.4, although it's in beta yet :) they are working perfectly ...

The theme still supports Cinnamon 1.4 for Mint-12 Lisa and gnome-shell : gtk.3.x - unico engines used for best performance.
The pack is BiSOFT-G3 and consists of :

1.metacity-1 for the frames - MacOS-like;
4.gnome-shell 3.4 blsck edition;
5.cinnamon 1.4 (for Mint-13 Maya);
6.unity 12.04LTS ...
+ added small, big and normal .svg images packs for smaller / bigger monitors ... (take a look inside the ./cinnamon and ./metacity-1 dirs)

Great :) based on my previous BiSOFT-G3 in a white brand line and MacOSX frames ...

I completed and attached my Gnome-Shell -> transparent desktop and pop-up menu, zoom on the selections with changing colours, 'apple' changing b/w black and white upon the desktop mode, support for Mint : transparent bottom task-bar and much more stuff :)...
I included the KDE bisoft-cursor theme too.
That's my MacOS-X related metacity-1 theme with gtk-2.0and gtk-3.0.
As Compiz is not working good on all Gnome-3.x (Gnome-shell,Unity-2D,etc.), I have decided to modify the left-handed MacOS theme, inspired by the famous 'Cupertino' theme and with the help of Toni Milovan's theme.
The frame buttons are made larger, egg-like more colourful and a special care is taken for the 'pressed state' of the buttons; all indexes on the pre-light are 'white' : images are (.svg) format for best performance ... that's the difference from the original ones :)
The buttons both in gtk-2.0 and gtk-3.2 are windows-like with a light-blue shade downwards. In this theme I added a gnome-shell, with an 'apple' icon on top ...
This theme is linked inside with my 'bisoft-cursor' pack and my IconPack for Gnome-3.x ... look here :


Good luck :)

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 iLove it!But...

 by dimitrakhs1 on: Jun 17 2012
Score 50%

You are the best!I was looking everywhere for this theme!But i'd like to adjust top panel's transparency.Which section do i have to tamper in "Panel"or "Gnome shell"css documents,if i'm correct?

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 Re: iLove it!But...

 by bisoft on: Jul 6 2012
Score 50%

OK if you can open panel.css in /gnome shell dir :
#panel {
color: #fff;
background-gradient-direction: vertical;
background-gradient-start: rgba(8,8,8,0.85);
background-gradient-end: rgba(8,8,8,0.35);
box-shadow: inset 0 -2px 2px 0 rgba(8,8,8,0.15);
border: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,0.25);
border-left: 0px;
border-right: 0px;
border-top: 0px;
border-bottom: 1px;
font-size: 10pt;
font-weight: bold;
height: 26px;

in this section the last parameter in the background-gradient-start (end) 0.85 -> 0.35 determines the transperancy. Main color #fff - white here
The same you may do in the cinnamon.css in the same section.
I'll be glad if could help ?

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 frame buttons

 by pulpo69 on: Jan 20 2013
Score 50%

i like the frame buttons. i would like to use them
with every other theme.

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 Re: frame buttons

 by bisoft on: Jan 22 2013
Score 50%

OK you can easily get them from /metacity-1 dir of the theme, where-ever you put the theme

I use as root the system dir :


actually the frame buttons are not mine;I use an old theme, slightly modify them to fit into my greyish frame with a little hole arround and so on.

As every linux user you are free to use my scripts where necessary ...
Good luck !!!

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 Nice theme but checkboxes disappear.

 by nailpounder on: Mar 5 2013
Score 50%

I like this theme, but the checkboxes in apps become invisible when the GTK+ theme is activated in Linux Mint 13.

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 Re: Nice theme but checkboxes disappear.

 by bisoft on: Mar 5 2013
Score 50%

Yes you're right : this is a fault of GTK-3 + for Maya; it is because I am already on Mint-14 - where the theme works OK; I will check the code and will fix it for both latest Mints.
Thank U for the feedback !!!

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 Re: Re: Nice theme but checkboxes disappear.

 by nailpounder on: Mar 6 2013
Score 50%

Thank you for your quick reply. I'm a newbie to all this. I installed LM 13 Maya about 2 months ago because it has LTS, but I've noticed that I get lots of css parsing errors with any theme built for GTK 3.6. Not just yours, but any of them I've tried so far. For the most part, they seem to work o.k. in Maya if you don't look at the system log ... lol. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a GTK 3.4 version available when updating themes to 3.6. Keep up the good work.

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 Fix for Ubuntu 14.04

 by drpaulaner on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

will you fix it to run on Ubuntu 14.04?

Keep the great work up!

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 Re: Fix for Ubuntu 14.04

 by bisoft on: 1 day ago
Score 63%

thank you for reminding me. Of course I will during Easter :)

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