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DeLorean_Mono Gtk3 Themes


GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 57%
DeLorean_Mono Gtk3 Themes

DeLorean_Mono Gtk3 Themes

DeLorean_Mono Gtk3 Themes

Link:  Link
Downloads:  5307
Submitted:  Sep 11 2011
Updated:  Jan 2 2012


*I am currently working on a new theme based on this one, except that it is a Dark-theme with steel and carbon-fiber stylings. I am looking for BETA-testers to help debug it. Check out this link for the DeLorean_Noir Theme: http://fav.me/d4kltn2. Thanks, jo-shva/aka killhellokitty*

**IMPORTANT, please read the install**

As of vers. 1.5.1, This is the DeLorean_Mono Themes. It includes 3 themes: DeLorean_Mono -a brushed/hammered-steel, DeLorean_Alu -a brushed aluminum, and DeLorean_Scratched - a scrated/keyed steel. The START.sh script inside the DeLorean-1.5.1 folder builds all three themes at once.

As of vers. 1.5.0, the textured images used for widgets backgrounds, menu-bars, etc... are generated with a small bash-script for the dimensions of your monitor.

***This theme will look like Windows95(if it works at all) if you do not run the START.sh!***

If you have previously installed DeLorean_Mono, please remove the older version from your computer before upgrading.

  • GTK3 gtk-engine-unico-1.0.1 or newer Stable

  • GTK2 gtk-engine-murrine or newer

  • GTK2 pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package

  • Imagemagick

  • GTK3 gtk3-3.2.0 or newer installed

  • *the actual names of these packages may vary from distro to distro

    Download: DeLorean-1.5.1, and un-zip the package into the folder of your choice.

    Open: DeLorean-1.5.1 Folder. You will find 3 folders and the START.sh script.
    Make sure START.sh is executable. (Right click on it and select "properties" from the menu. Open the "permissions" tab. And at the bottom make sure "Allow executing as a program" is checked.

    Double-Click on the START.sh script.

    A pop up window will ask "Do you want to run "START.sh", or display its contents?"

    Select: "Run in Terminal"
    Follow the directions in terminal to set-up DeLorean Themes

    Terminal: When the Terminal screen pops up, the first thing it will ask you is for your monitors screen dimensions in pixels.

    The script will print out the monitor dimensions it recieves by running: xdpyinfo | grep 'dimensions:' This should be accurate. Please note, if you have Dual-monitors use the dimensions of the Larger of the two.

    Enter your monitors dimensions in pixels. For example, xdpyinfo says my monitors "dimensions: 1366x768 pixels (350x201 millimeters)" Therefore I enter "1366x768" without the quotes. 1366 bieng my monitors WIDTH and 768 being its HEIGHT.

    Next it will ask for the number you entered for your monitors WIDTH and to enter x34 for its HEIGHT. Therefore I would enter "1366x34" without the quotes.

    Next it will ask for your monitors WIDTH and to enter x32 for its HEIGHT.

    Lastly it will ask for your monitors WIDTH and to enter x24 for its HEIGHT to build xfwm4.

    You are done! Everything has been resized to fit your monitor.(except Xfwm4 theme...hopefully I can figure out how to draw it with Imagemagick soon.) Hit ENTER to close the terminal.

    After the terminal closes, you may install the 3 DeLoean Theme files: System-Wide /usr/share/themes or Per-User ~/.themes.

    The START.sh script resizes and creates the textured background-images, menu-bar,xfwm4, and metacity themes.

    *If you make a mistake when entering your information in terminal; no problem, just run START.sh again.

    (This is my first Bash Script, so its a bit rough. If someone more experienced is willing to help me out with it, I would be greatfull. It'd be excellent if someone would help me turn the script into a Zenity Gui.)


    DeLorean, Gtk3 & Gtk2 themes, with Metacity, Xfwm4, and OpenBox-3 Themes.

    This theme is an experiment with placing a picture, texture, image as the background for all windows.

    Comments are welcomed!!!
    Please let me know about any bugs you may find.
    I am working a matching Gnome-shell, and Unity themes.
    Hope you enjoy the theme!

    A black border appears when "Nautilus has 2 or more Tabs open and the Search-Button is depressed in the Toolbar." The border runs from the bottom of the Toolbar and raps back around and up from the Statusbar/or bottom edge of window. *** It seems to be an Error in GTK3. *** It repeats the error in either Unico or Adwaita Engines. I have noticed the same error in many other themes, the color of the border can be changed : Primary-Toolbar, under Border-Color. Unfortuanly that fix doesnt work when an Image-File is used for the Primary-Toolbar; the only color I can get is Black ;-(


    *vers. 1.2
    09/18/11 - Added OpenBox Theme.
    09/18/11 - Fixed Radio/Check buttons for both gtk2 + gtk3. Now they match.
    *vers. 1.2-2
    09/19/11 - Redesigned Radio/Check buttons.
    *vers. 1.2-3
    09/19/11 - Fixed Radio/Check insensitive buttons.
    *vers. 1.2-4
    09/19/11 - Fixed Radio/Check Text and highlighting.
    *vers. 1.2-5
    09/19/11 - Changed Radio/Check:hover. Changed Gtk2 Combobox/Entry. Fixed Url/Search/Entry, and Selected Tab in Firefox. Fixed Gtk2 Spinnbutton.

    *vers. 1.2-6
    09/20/11 - Fixed Comboentry/Entry/Spinnbuttons, now all match in Gtk2 + Gtk3 (built new Spinnbuttons for both Gtk2 +Gtk3). Fixed Radio/Check in Tabs, they match in both Gtk2 + Gtk3.

    *vers. 1.2-7
    09/23/11 - Reworked Spinnbuttons in Gtk3. Minor changes to Radio/CheckButtons (still adjusting them). Fixed Entry in Gtk3. Fixed Buttons:insensitive in Gtk3. Rebuilt Scale/VolumeSliders in Gtk2 + Gtk3 normal and tabs. And Other misc minor changes.
    *vers. 1.2-8
    09/23/11 - Even more changes to Radio/CheckButtons (stil adjusting them). Changes to Entry. This is a polishing of 1.2-7.
    *vers. 1.2-9
    09/24/11 - Fixed Radio/CheckButtons. Now they match in Gtk2 + Gtk3. (I swear im not going to change them again... hehe).
    *vers. 1.3-0
    09/25/11 - Changed ProgressBars in Gtk2 + Gtk3. Fixed Text colors in Gtk3.
    *vers. 1.1-0 thru 1.3-0
    10/02/11 - theme broken from gkt3 3.2 and unico 1.0.1stable Updates

    *vers. 1.4.0
    10/29/11 - Complete re-write of GTK3 Theme (for GTk 3.2+ and Unico 1.0.1+stable)
    *vers. 1.4.1
    10/31/11 - Changed Sidebar-buttons, Gtk-Treeview-Rows, and Check-Radio.
    *vers. 1.4.2
    11/01/11 - Changed Buttons-Active, Cleaned-up Gtk-Treeview-Rows, and a few other minor tweaks.
    *vers. 1.4.3
    11/03/11 - Re-wrote GTK2 theme. It matches with Gtk3 pretty well. I still have changes to make to the Gtk2 theme, ie... Toolbar-Handles, Entry, Check-Radio, Side-bar-pcmanfm/Thunar. (I cleaned the Theme Folder, its now 2.5mb instead of 6.3mb).
    *vers. 1.4.4
    11/04/11 - Fixed Handles in Gtk2 also added Frame-Shadows (Im not sure if i like them yet or not. It looks fine to me without them). Messed around with Entry in Gtk2 and pcmanfm, thunar.
    *vers. 1.4.5
    11/07/11 - New Tabs/Notebook in Gtk2. Changed Entry, Combobox, Optionbox, and Shadows in Gtk2. Fixed Thunar and Pcmanfm, both look good and match the theme now(especially their location path bars). Many minor tweaks in Xfce Apps.
    *vers. 1.4.6
    11/11/11 - New Xfwm4 Theme added. Redesigned Openbox-3 Theme. New Xfce panel.

    *vers. 1.5.0
    11/13/11 - New custom Frame & Bars script. To build the theme image files to any users individual monitor dimensions. This theme is customized to each computer it is installed on. :-) It looks SOOOOO much better!!

    *vers. 1.5.1
    11/16/11 - Fixed Xfwm4 themes, now they build with the rest of the images. This is now DeLorean Theme, It includes 3 themes: DeLorean_Mono, DeLorean_Alu, and DeLorean_Scratched. All three are built with the START.sh script this reduces the need for multiple build scripts for each theme, as well as it reduces the packaged size from 26mb down to 4.5mb.

    *vers. 1.5.2
    01-01-12 - Fixed aspect-ration with gtk2 and gtk3. Now they both scale the background image. Where as previously gtk2 croped and gtk3 scaled. Changed the start.sh script to crop the base images for individual screen dimensions. Before the base images were scaled.

    LicenseCreative Commons by-nc
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    Other  Artwork  from hellokitten
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     awesome theme

     by nhianho on: Nov 1 2011
    Score 50%

    very nice theme. However, when I tried installing the pixbuf engine, I got this error:

    error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting files)
    gtk-engine-pixbuf: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libpixmap.so exists in filesystem

    What should I do ?

    Je sais que nous ne nous verrons plus mais souviens toi que je t'attends toujours.
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     Re: awesome theme

     by hellokitten on: Nov 1 2011
    Score 50%

    It looks like you already have the "pixbuf-engine" installed. If the Metalic Frame is visible in both Gtk2 apps then you are good. Let me know if it isnt visible, and we'll take it from there.

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     Re: Re: awesome theme

     by nhianho on: Nov 2 2011
    Score 50%

    the theme works well on most apps, however, the handle buttons on goldendict are just like what you find in windows 95.

    Here is how goldendict looks with this theme. I dont get this problem with other themes.


    Je sais que nous ne nous verrons plus mais souviens toi que je t'attends toujours.
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     Re: Re: Re: awesome theme

     by hellokitten on: Nov 2 2011
    Score 63%

    Thanks for posting the image. That app uses GTK2. Currently I am working on rebuilding GTK3. I haven't begun rebuilding gtk2, but i will change the appearence of the handles when I do.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: awesome theme

     by nhianho on: Nov 4 2011
    Score 50%

    I see some improvements with the update, the dict buttons on goldendict look really better.

    However, the handle buttons are still the same.

    Here is my recent screenshot using the updated theme >>> http://i.imgur.com/Ve6V4.png

    Hope you will make everything perfect soon.

    Je sais que nous ne nous verrons plus mais souviens toi que je t'attends toujours.
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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: awesome theme

     by hellokitten on: Nov 4 2011
    Score 50%

    Glad you notice the improvements :-)
    I just got finished fixing the Handles. Surprisingly it was not an easy fix. I came up with an crafty workaround. Hope you like it....Let me know.

    Download vers: 1.4.4

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: awesome theme

     by nhianho on: Nov 5 2011
    Score 50%

    it works perfectly now. Thanks for your effort.

    Je sais que nous ne nous verrons plus mais souviens toi que je t'attends toujours.


     oh yeah!

     by rdf on: Nov 5 2011
    Score 50%

    I finally found a theme for the soul. Thank you for good job.

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     Re: oh yeah!

     by hellokitten on: Nov 5 2011
    Score 63%

    Cool, Thanx!
    Im glad you like it...I update often so check it every once in a while to update. If you find any errors or bugs please let me know so i can try and fix them.

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     strange error

     by rdf on: Dec 6 2011
    Score 50%

    In the console there is a message:
    .themes/DeLorean_Scratched/gtk-2.0/widgets/panel2.rc:90: error: invalid string constant "murrine-statusbar", expected valid string constant
    But all works good.

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     Re: strange error

     by hellokitten on: Dec 16 2011
    Score 50%

    Thanks for pointing that error out. The xfce panel looks the way i want it to with the error...LOL. Im working on a dark version of this theme with carbon-fiber and steel right now...but ill get back to this one after i have finished "Noir".

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     nice work

     by bluedxca93 on: Mar 14 2012
    Score 50%

    I like not the look of the theme, but the "source code" of the theme is really good.

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