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Nautilus Script

Score 71%



Forum:  Link
Forum:  Link
Downloads:  7563
Submitted:  Sep 22 2010
Updated:  Feb 4 2014


With this script you can clean the system from unnecessary files.Not affect the settings of either the system or any program!

Unpack - open the unpacked folder and read 'README' file before you continue!

If you want to help with translation please read the archive Translation!

* How to install:

1) double-click to archive 'Setup'
2) choose the language you want install SystemClean
3) Done.

* How to use:

1) Go to Menu - Accessories and select "SystemClean"
2) Follow the instructions


Changlog for the last 3 versions.
(If you want to see older changes, read the file Changelog)


@@@@@@@ SystemClean v2.0 @@@@@@@

= Changed optimization of SystemClean (in startup and in results)
= Fixed clean cache (Java, Miro, Chromium)
= Changed the notification if there is a newer version SystemClean
+ More options to clean programs cache (Chrome, Flash_Player, Guayadeque, Icedtea, Recently-used, TorChat, Vidalia_tor)
+ Adding option to delete System Logs (directory /var/log/)
+ Support more old kernel packages to delete
- Remove options to clean programs cache (aMSN, Emesene, Libreoffice, Openoffice.org)

@@@@@@@ SystemClean v1.9 @@@@@@@

= Fixed clean cache (Firefox, Google earth)
= Systemclean open with terminal
= Changed optimization of Setup
+ More options to clean programs cache (Mozilla Nightly, Vlc, Transmission)
+ Adding options to delete old kernel packages
+ Adding log with deletes cache and packages in results
- Remove setup Unity

@@@@@@@ SystemClean v1.8 @@@@@@@

= Fixed clean root Trash
= Fixed clean system for newer versions (must be run script with terminal)
+ Adding check if is installed aptitude package
+ Adding setup Unity (for newer versions)


## Special Thanks for translation :

- Español translation by Fernando Bernal
- Croatian translation by Petar Kulić
- Italian translation by Naf71
- Polish translation by kornicameister
- French translation by Ismaël BALLO
- Galician translation by Marcos Lans
- Brazilian Portuguese translation by C.Rodrigues
- Turkish translation by Ogün ÇAKIR
- Russian translation by Jalkoby
- Romanian translation by Tuhut Vladut Emanuel
- Japanese translation by starcycle
- Dutch translation by Jonathan Moerman

Ubuntu(SystemClean v2.0)
Ubuntu(SystemClean v2.0 extra download link)
Ubuntu(SystemClean v1.5 Turkish language)
Ubuntu(SystemClean v1.3 Polish language)
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 Thank you

 by D4v3 on: Jan 24 2011
Score 50%

Loved it!

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 Small question.

 by Cope57 on: Jan 27 2011
Score 50%

Is this application similar to bitbleach, or does your script have something others do not?

Real privacy
Google tracks you. We don't

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 Re: Small question.

 by vagrale13 on: Jan 27 2011
Score 63%

Something like that, the result is about the same!

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 german translation or english?

 by Karmicbastler on: Feb 4 2011
Score 50%

What about a german translation or even an english one?? Perhaps I could help you with translation. But how can I contribute to translation?


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 Re: german translation or english?

 by vagrale13 on: Feb 5 2011
Score 50%

Just translation the file Translation and send it to me! :)

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 Returned a favor ;)

 by Cooleech on: Feb 15 2011
Score 50%

...and voted up for your script! You really did some neat improvements! ;)

Vote, become a fan, help develop (translate) and use my script:

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 Re: Returned a favor ;)

 by vagrale13 on: Mar 10 2011
Score 50%

Thank you! :)

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 SystemClean v1.6

 by vagrale13 on: Mar 10 2011
Score 50%

Special thanks for
Japanese translation by starcycle and
Dutch translation by Jonathan Moerman :)

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 Also works on KDE

 by JonathanMoerman on: May 10 2011
Score 50%

To make it work under KDE you have to install zenity
And then rename one of the files in /SystemClean_v1.7/bin/ to systemclean and move it to for example /usr/bin/
Then you can launch it with the command systemclean...

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 Re: Also works on KDE

 by vagrale13 on: May 13 2011
Score 50%

Thanks for the info! :)

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