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The Ultimate Bashrc File


Other GNOME Stuff

Score 71%
The Ultimate Bashrc File

The Ultimate Bashrc File

The Ultimate Bashrc File

Downloads:  15295
Submitted:  Sep 4 2010
Updated:  Feb 14 2014


For those who love using the terminal, here is a '.bashrc' file I created, mainly for those who've had issues with their own. Hopefully it'll benefit those of whom love aliases, functions, and such. Probably more than you need, so modify all you want. I've organized it best I can to make it easier for using and modification. This is also for those many who've had a difficult time finding a good source for their own on the net, like it was for me.

Oh, and any modifications that others wish to share are always welcome.


Just extract the tar file and put in your home directory. You may have to overwrite the current one, so be sure to backup whatever beforehand. FYI, the default text in the '.bashrc' is included in this version so if you haven't modified it at all, you should have nothing to worry about.

To refresh it, just type in the terminal:

source ~/.bashrc

...or just close your terminal window and open it again.


1.0: Initial Release

1.1-2.0: Fixed some secure-delete substitutions, added several more functions, a few more aliases, and some settings, improved chown substitution aliases to work for all usernames, added a few more aliases, such as for adding repositories and pubkeys, fixed a few username things and cleaned up a few things, added copy/paste function, a couple bashrc aliases, and cleaned up some more things, added a Remasterys copying function once ISO is made, nifty function to run a program on a timer, and a function to undo apt-get build-dep, which is quite hard prior to this function. Also added a few more aliases, fixed a typo here and there, added an awesome 'sudo' function for greater security, some chown aliases, and a couple easy joke accessibles, added timer, google, roman-numeral, lsext, and few other functions, updated program-timer to close only gnome-terminal being used, & cleaned up and organized ALOT to make it even prettier, fixed a typo causing a tab completion error, added ALOT more command prompt options, several network aliases (thanks to Brutus180), many other aliases and functions, a new section for completions with several already & cleaned up lots of things, minor tweakage, as well as the addition of built-in fragmentation-checking and defragmentation tools using functions

2.1-2.5: Added more functions, including encrypt/decrypt, debextract, debremaker, display-off, added an alias for auto-setting background to live image of earth, & condensed a few various things here and there, few small removals of obsolete functions, and minor cleaning and organization of some things, added several more functions, aliases, prompt choices, and bash settings, & made it even easier to read (oh, and thanks goes to chmurli's bashrc as well as several others I found which housed quite a few new ones to me), added several more functions (credit goes to Chrispy as many were found in his awesome bash tool, BashStyle-NG), & tons of cleaning and perfecting, added quite a few more functions and aliases, including ruler, currency_convert, findlocation, spellcheck, flight_status, man2text, morse2text/text2morse, mwiki, natdebt, oneliners, pronounce, tweet, showme (easy view of an alias/function), suntimes, 99bottles, einstein, etchasketch, futurama, guitartune, matrix, wscan, fixed translate, dict, die, and a few others, & further organized and polished the whole thing, added even more functions and aliases, removed some extra spaces here and there, changed default terminal title to current directory, removed some redundancies, cleaned up even more...too much to really mention at the moment, added a few more functions such as convertatemp, dec2text, hilow, showfile, underscore, validator, & webspell, cosmetics, 'Earth' fix & bashDirB added

2.6-3.0: Added more aliases and functions, such as color-picker, linesort, meta-backup, packagelist, randomline, randomwpt, removeduplines, sec2all, themeinfo, & whodat (alternative to whoisonline, thanks to dewar1). Also added Alternative To The "200 Lines Kernel Patch That Does Wonders", with included instructions on making it work (just uncomment the five '.bashrc' lines as per your Linux distro). Fixed 'themeinfo' as there was both alias and function of same name, & also, one or two tiny corrections. Added few more functions and aliases. Also had a few minor changes and updated meta-backup function. Added a number of new functions and aliases, including doscheck, num2text_, anagrams, fest, pick-card, roll-die, phone2text, url-info, coin-flip, searchnreplace, screencastw, topsites, and added a few new bash settings. Fixed couple typos, added Nate Mitchell's (Kasyx's) Bash Prompt & changed 'history' alias so it didn't conflict with actual 'history' command. Added several more functions and aliases, such as where, cp_mp3_to, functions, supportWrap, source_print, deadlib, freqwatch, 4chanimages, googlevideo, randommac, freemusiccharts, flv2ogg, among several. Also added several more functions and aliases, including atomtitles, audioextract_dvd, boxeedl, buf, charcount, cmfu_rating, ffa, findtcp, hiddenpnps, ie, image_resize, irssi, kfire, laptop_display, linecount, lssd, netscan, netstats, ngramviewerdl, oe, qrurl, restoremod, rtfm, setessid, stopflash, txt2md, urlping, vimcmd, and wordcount. Changed a couple things that conflicted with actual terminal commands & added a few more functions/aliases, such as println and find_alternatives. Added a few more bash settings, as well as some more descriptions, fixed a couple of things, and added more functions/aliases, such as alph, cputemp, day, downNuncompress, epochdaysleft, fixmount, mkdirday, month, overwriter, pngoptim, randomip, rcommand, resizeimg, txt2pdf, unjar, vcd2mpeg, WHOAMI, wma2wav, & wordfreq

3.1: Added even more aliases and functions, including: cmdpkg, comp, dos2unix, fix-tabs, ip2locate, log, memlimit, musiccdinfo, pdf2png, rdp, real_location, rmall_but, sort_csn, string2bin, subdir_find, termproxy, terrorist-level, words, wscan, yt2mp3, yt-chanrip, yt-mp3chanrip

3.2: Added a DVD copying, ripping, and backup section in the functions area, which includes some very good (and high quality) preset functions on easily converting your DVDs to AVIs; 3.21: Updated this section to also include several analog and digital tv functions for easy conversion to AVI; 3.22: Tweaked some of the above section's settings; 3.23: A few further improvements to the dvd2avi functions; 3.24: Even more tweaking, including a couple iso2avi functions, and a dvd2iso2avi, which would first copy to the hard drive before converting (an alternative to the dvd2avi which requires constant DVD access); 3.25: Major ripping functions update, now with a universal video2avi for extremely easy use; 3.26: Further video2avi function modifications

3.3: Major update to video2avi, now with tons more presets and custom settings, and better conversion stuff, as well as several more functions, including: align_center, align_right, audiorecord-45dB, awesome, cyanide, mpfb, pascal, svnradd, ur1: 3.31: Further updating of video2avi, including Divx options and tons more custom choices

3.4: Updated/Tweaked numerous things, including several aliases and functions, such as: big, cgrep, command_not_found_handle, ds_, eh, fur, grabtweets, killall_wine, lsmac, map-files, numpages, portcheck, QUERY, quickemail, say, screenr, screensaver, se_, services, shebang, touchpad_id, touchpad_off, touchpad_on, type, viaco, and yt-pl2mp3; 3.41: commented out the function: command_not_found_handle, which was causing system freezes when inputing misspelled words (thanks to Zeroangel for finding the issue)

3.5: Added more stuff, including an optional bash greeting, a way to automatically keep Adobe from tracking everything you do, the ability to save bash history in real time, a logged 'rm', build/script booster (`glu` and `repath`), and an enhanced 'cd' function, among many other functions, such as say_, adobenospy, mem, rf, and compression_level

3.6: Added an optional holiday greeting, a default 'VIDEO_FORMAT' bash setting which is sometimes required for certain mencoder commands, and added several more functions/aliases, including a video2dvd I wrote, oports, sedi, and bluray2xvid

3.7: More functions/aliases: allVideos, command-timer, count_files_by_ext, fileName, svn_find, gotxt2imgmail, hourglass, lsr_, manswitch, prep, timeDNS, wireless_sniffer; also improved 'dd' aliases, including adding 'dd' with progress options (using 'pv'), more 'cleanup' aliases, and an 'extundelete' section for easy recovery for deleted files/folders; 3.71: Tweaked some 'dd' aliases, as well as dvd2iso, and added some more functions/aliases, such as: man_ext, NotifyOnBATTERY, uptime_min, pagerank, connected, connected_, wallpaperWarn, get_duration, sshmysql, date_, and display-offed

3.8: Further cleaning of script, including some bash settings' tweaks/additions, several more aliases/functions, such as imgur, whichpath, crontest, cn_, br, scpsend, ogg2mp3, ogg_info, flac2ogg, flac2mp3, getExtension, & getFileName, and several I made, such as the very handy two: transmissionbl and tv

3.9: Added more functions and aliases, including, about, cleanup, repository-update-check, title, paste, upper, lower, listhw, diffxml, vie, wgetall, cpo, isdef, quietly, cpus, codename, codename_ver, distro, jd, jda, upto, xpath, dups, comparenclean, relinux-copy, & remastersys-copy, as well as added a relinux & remastersys alias section, and updated extundelete aliases

4.0: Updated for Oneiric, but also backported for Natty (just some various additions/removals and such), and added several more aliases/functions, including an updated dups section, a workaround for 'debmaker' alias, an auto-cleanup of temporary files at startup of bashrc, moz/mozz, localIps, google-fonts, bleachbitcleanup, keject, upalevel, kindle_connect, kindle_disconnect, xzv, google_chart, human_filesize, geoipme, nocomments, filext, piratebay, out, mid, top_processes, allips, readfile, wma2mp3, wma2ogg, dateformatcodes, lastfile, expandurl, ontime, mp3_tagging, 7z_it, right, showdiff, biggest_user, total_video_length, and spaceremover, among others

4.1: Updated for Raring, but should work fine in Saucy. Will test soon to be sure.

4.2: Updated for Saucy/Trusty, added several functions and aliases, added the Liquid Prompt option, and added a new section for use with my custom Ultimate Nemo/Nautilus Scripts Pack, which I will upload soon.

(bashrc.tar.gz (4.2))
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 hope old does not mean dead

 by iceman32ad on: Nov 10 2013
Score 50%

wondering if this is safe to use with saucy and/or if it has a new hosting home(also what type of changes need to be made if safe but needs up dating)

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 Re: hope old does not mean dead

 by inameiname on: Nov 28 2013
Score 50%

Hey there. Apologies for not updating this file in a while. I am hoping to very soon.

As for its safety on Saucy, I am not 100% certain yet as I have not tried it on Saucy. That said, I have tweaked it some to work fine in Raring, and just today looked closely at it to see if anything would need to be changed, and I don't see an issue. So using the one I'll update on here, you should be fine on Saucy. The big issue was the Natty one (my last one since) was Gnome2 and this is Gnome3, so a few changes had to be made. But I think it's good now.

Anyway, I'll update the file on here with the one I use on Raring. Whenever Linux Mint 16's Stable Release comes out I'll update it again for Saucy.

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