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Nautilus Script

Score 76%

Minimum required   GNOME 2.x
Downloads:  5236
Submitted:  Dec 19 2009
Updated:  Apr 27 2011


CoverChooser is a small application, that searches albumart at the internet and downloads your choosen file.
Run CoverChooser and enjoy (Applications -> Accessoires -> CoverChooser).

By applying the script at a music-file (or a folder that contains music-files) the script will use the metadata to get the interpret/album-info. It saves the selected file into the selected folder. By applying on a folder which contains subfolders (.../interpret/Album), images of the artist will be fetched.
Metadata of the following filetypes will be automatically detected: mp3, ogg, flac, m4a, mpc

To use the Amazon webservice you will need a personally key. Get this key for free at http://aws.amazon.com/ and apply the key into the settings.

Recommended Installation (Debian/Ubuntu):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:panthora/coverchooser-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install coverchooser

that's it

Manual installation (Debian/Ubuntu):
Download and install the deb package

Other Distros
Download the source tarball and read the readme file.

Run CoverChooser
Run coverchooser by choosing Applications -> Accessories -> CoverChooser.
To use the Nautilus-script: go to preferences and hit on the Nautilus script button to add the Starter for nautilus-scripts.

Using nautilus-actions instead of nautilus-script
If you would like to use nautilus-actions instead, use the values:
"coverchooser -g" and "--path %d/%f"

Change settings
Use the preferences at the gui.

Enjoy the new release and please tell us your experiance with this script. So I can improove it!


* First public version (beta)
* First stable version
* Multiple bugfixes and changes
* Added: Image size and filetype is shown
* Solved: problems with permissions (only deb packaging changed)
* Complete rewrite
* New features added (like Drag n drop)

... And dont forget to vote :-)

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 cryptic icons

 by goldencut on: Jun 23 2011
Score 50%

What those cryptic-looking icons/buttons in the middle of the interface do? I also get no tool-tip hovering over them. :/ They seemed to do nothing when clicked...

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 Re: cryptic icons

 by alexibaba on: Jun 25 2011
Score 50%

Hi Goldencut,
you can manipulate the fetched images by using this buttons (excluding the "current").
The first four buttons are used to scale/crop the image to get a square. The two buttons on the right side are used to enhance the images. Here is what they exactly do:

1: Don't scale or crop the image.
2: Scale the image to a square.
3: Crop the image to a square.
4. Do some magic stuff to get a square ;-)
5: Make ugly scans some more brilliant (increase contrasts and saturation).
6: Create real B&W images from color-scans of B&W-Images (Desaturate).

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 Re: Re: cryptic icons

 by goldencut on: Jun 28 2011
Score 50%

Thanx, i'll try them out. New icons, using tool tips or names under icons could be not so bad idea. Or if i'm first to ask about them then maybe not. I should go and evolve then.

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 Doesn't work!

 by Wanderfalke on: Jul 26 2011
Score 50%


I use CoverChooser for a lot of time now. I really like it and I appreciate your work. Thanks a lot!

Nevertheless the new version doesn't work for me: It just and simple doesn't connect to any server. The fields remain grey and display "timeout". I tried it with different Covers and via Nautilus Script, manually or via Drag'n'Drop.

This screenshot may describe the problem more precisely:


Thank you for having a look at it and again thank you for your work, P*

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 Re: Doesn't work!

 by alexibaba on: Jul 26 2011
Score 50%

Hi Wanderfalke,

maybe you have a slow internet connection (WLAN or GSM/UMTS)...

Let's try to change the timeout:
Open a terminal and write:
coverchooser -gav --artist="amy winehouse" --timeout=60
(coverchooser --help will give you some info on what you are doing). When this helps, you can change the default value by editing the config file. Write in the terminal:
gedit ~/.coverchoose/coverchooser.conf
you will find the right entry :-)

Please let me know if this helps!

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 Re: Re: Doesn't work!

 by Wanderfalke on: Jul 26 2011
Score 50%

Hey, thanks for responding.

My internetconnection is a really fast one so I didn't expect this to work. Nevertheless I tried it and as supposed it didn't help.

But having an look in ~/.coverchooser showed me that

1st - the configuration file is coverchooser.cfg not coverchooser.conf Don't know whether this does make a difference.

2nd- The Albumcover I tried to fetch was stored in ~/.coverchooser/Temp named for example Discogs_1311691806.jpg (also Google and Discogs)

So the programm connects to the servers, downloads the images but doesn't display them in the GUI.

I thought about a conflict with the older version which I installed by downloading the .deb, but purge coverchosser, deleting ~/.coverchooser/ and reinstalling it didn't change anything.

My coverchooser.cfg looks like this:

preview_background = #ffffff
preview_size = 128
preview_size_fixed = false

allowed_filenames = folder.*, cover.*
square_mode = leave
filename = folder.*

module_amazon_key =

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 Re: Re: Re: Doesn't work!

 by alexibaba on: Jul 26 2011
Score 50%

you're right. The filename is coverchooser.cfg, that was my mistake.

that is strange... could you please give me some more information according your system:

Which distro you are using? is it a beta? Maybe there are problems with new versions from dependencies...

Which Python version is installed on your system?
(call: python --version)

are there error messages in the terminal when you run Coverchooser in verbose mode?
(call: coverchooser -gav --artist="Bon Iver" --album="Bon Iver")

Until we find that bug, you could try to use the backend of coverchooser. Open the Nautilus-script file of coverchooser (call: sudo gedit ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/CoverChooser) and change the "-g" into a "-f" at line 22. It should say:
shell_cmd=["coverchooser", "-g", "--path="+file_or_dir]
After that use the nautilus-script and wait a few seconds to get the folder image stored inside that directory

I'm sure we'll get that fixed!

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Doesn't work!

 by Wanderfalke on: Jul 26 2011
Score 50%


I'm running Ubuntu Natty 64bit

The Version of Python is 2.7.1+

When running the command you gave me it says:

Running "coverchooser" with the options ['-gav', '--artist=Bon Iver', '--album=Bon Iver'] in verbose mode.
The current settings are:
get all : True
preserve order : False
show gui : True
artist : Bon Iver
album : Bon Iver
modules : ['google', 'lastfm', 'wikipedia', 'discogs', 'amazon']
timeout : 30.0
wikipedia : No cover found
amazon : No key!
squaring mode: leave

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 The "choose" button is sometimes inactive !

 by Bouddhid on: Jan 2 2013
Score 50%

Hello, I'm running Coverchooser under FEDORA 17 64 bits, with gnome3 (nautilus 3.4.2). It works great most of the time but sometimes for no reason it finds a good cover but I can't click on the "chosse" button.

I thought it could be a problem of permissions but after some searches it seems not to be the problem. Any idea ?

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 Re: The "choose" button is sometimes inactive !

 by Bouddhid on: Jan 25 2013
Score 50%

Hi Bouddhid, I'm replying to myself as I feel a little bit lonely here ;-).

The problem is solved changing the name of the folder : folders with strange names or too long ones may not be able to be "covered" with this problem of unactive choose button...

So : rename with a short name, cover it and then put back the long name you want ! That's all folks !

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