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WDT - Web Developer Tools


Other GNOME Stuff

Score 79%
WDT - Web Developer Tools

WDT - Web Developer Tools

WDT - Web Developer Tools

Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  14677
Submitted:  Sep 3 2010
Updated:  Jul 7 2011


WDT - Web Developer Tools is a suite of useful tools for web developers

Patch for UNITY available, statusicon replaced with appindicator

Download the archive, extract it and move the webdeveloper.py file to /usr/share/wdt and replace the current one.

Deb packaging for now in Ubuntu 11.04 is not available, the old version working well, the patch will add you the appindicator support, because the statusicon support has been removed from 11.04.

Non UNITY users can use the old versions.

Notice: backup you current file before applying the patch for sure.

WDT on twitter: http://twitter.com/wdttools

Depends: python (>=2.4), python-gtk2, python-webkit, python-imaging, python-feedparser, python-notify, optipng (>=, advancecomp (>= 1.15),wget,mysql-client, lftp, gzip, bzip2,python-gmenu

In the repository updates are available later(cca. 1 hour)

from Version 2.0.4 with PPA

for UBUNTU users:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:petrakis/wdt-main

The WDT link on Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~petrakis/+archive/wdt-main

If you have problems, read first the news & updates section inside the application

What is included?
Task Manager
Dean Edwards Javascript Compressor
Css Minifier
Css Type Set Generator
Css Button Generator
Cool Button Generator
RGB / HEX Color chart
VTE Terminal
Website Analyzer (Yslow+PageSpeed)
3 x online W3C validators
Customizable menu for other apps
and more ...


version 2.6.6 FontFace Comparer,remove wysiwyg editor
version 2.6.5 bug fixes + "Show/hide Tabs" function added
version 2.6.4. bug fix in customization, added css gradient generator, removed css3 generator, redesigned news & updates section
version 2.6.3 changed CSS Type + HTML 5 db support added
version 2.6.2 Sitemap/Flowchart generator
version 2.6.1 modified chart generator
version 2.6.0 scheduled update
version 2.5.9 chart generator
version 2.5.8 bug fix for CSS sprites menu entry
version 2.5.7 Css Sprites Generator
version 2.5.6 added Drawter and Iconfinder
version 2.5.5 xml to json
version 2.5.4 scheduled update
version 2.5.3 bug fix, goo.gl added
version 2.5.2 Css speech bubbles
version 2.5.1 JS Beautifier
version 2.5.0 GUI for Apps and Places + functions upgrade
version 2.4.9 extra menus added
version 2.4.8 error relaese
version 2.4.7-2 merged config files
version 2.4.6 Code Syntax Highlight
version 2.4.5 minor modifications & improvements
version 2.4.4 cleaning release
version 2.4.3 fix release
version 4.2.2-1 single entry editing
version 2.4.1 bug fix release (customization section)
version 2.4.0 fixed cron issue
version 2.3.9 full customization
version 2.3.8 Gmail & Web Monitor support via cron
version 2.3.7 update release
version 2.3.6-1 bug fix
version 2.3.6 customizations support added
version 2.3.5-1 Cron job bug fix
Version 2.3.5 FTP Backup, Mysql Backup
Version 2.3.4 layout changes, google translator
Version 2.3.3 gmail fix, screen-shots tool
Version 2.3.2 bug fix release
Version 2.3.1 updated website monitoring
Version 2.3.0 Multiple gmail Support
Version 2.2.9 Websites monitor
Version 2.2.8 Update content changed + tooltips in bottom panel
Version 2.2.7 Hardcoded and started Ajax Examples
Version 2.2.6 Mass Image reflection
Version 2.2.5 Post card generator & sender
Version 2.2.4 Gmail error handling
Version 2.2.3 Direct gmail sender
Version 2.2.2 New wysiwyg editor
Version 2.2.1 3 in 1 image tool
Version 2.2.0 Mass Image Compressor
Version 2.1.9 Css editor layout changed
Version 2.1.8 reduced wbkit views + minor code fixes
Version 2.1.7 Integrated Gmail
Version 2.1.6 Freezing fix release
Version 2.1.5 Changed CSS Editor to CSS# Generator
Version 2.1.4 Critical fix, removed javascript combiner, added CSS Desk
Version 2.1.3 Ascii/Hex/Binary/Integer/Base64 Encoder/Decoder
Version 2.1.2 Javascript debugger, javascript combiner, python-psyco fix
Version 2.1.1 fixed layout, changed CSS type set, Added CSS property table
Version 2.1.0 bug fix, image processing (watermarking and resizing)
Version 2.0.9 GUI for settings created, syntax highlight editor added
version 2.0.8 Manual & Tutorials, modified sections by groups, application can start from terminal with command wdt
Version 2.0.7 Webkit Browser + Inspector
Version 2.0.6 Changed path for settings file , cleaned up CSS Editor to fit low resolution screens
Version 2.0.5 CSS Visual Editor
Version 2.0.4 WDT on launchpad
Version 2.0.3 Fixed space problem if the css code was generated (thanks to yestaro)
Version 2.0.2 All screen resolution support, enable-disable task manager, Yslow + Page Speed Analyzer

Version 2.0.1 Task Manager with usage of local storage, restart button for application self restarting
Version 1.9-9 rewrited system tray, cleaning up, JSMin minifier
Version 1.9-8 system tray
Version 1.9-7 Added scriptbook

Version 1.9.6
Customizable menu for applications integrated, see more in news & update section inside the app.

Version 1.9-5
small bug fix release

Version 1.9-4
Added CSS Type Set Generator
Added News & Updates section , so you can be informed about latest releases and upcoming features

Version 1.9-0
In cool button generator added an option for mass buttons creating. You need to select directory, where your images are located, open the dir and that's all. Your button are done.(see in screenshot 3)

Source contains instruction for installing. Read it first.

About releases here will be only short info. For detailed changes and upcoming features you can be informed from internal section inside the application.

For Arch Users
if the release in yours location is outdated, use the source

(CZ-PACK (json version from v 2.5.5))
(Unity Patch)
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 by bobM on: Jan 6 2011
Score 50%

I must say it! It is amazing tool!
Thank you ;)

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 Very useful tool :)

 by tobaj on: Jan 12 2011
Score 50%

I've never used such tool for web designing before but since I had discovered this I can't imagine living without it. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

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 Unbelievably Useful

 by gordie70 on: Jan 15 2011
Score 50%

Thanks for this magnificent tool. I have finally start my web design company after to many years of putting it off, and this tool comes out and saves me hours of work.

Thank you once again for a great piece of software.

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 Patch doesn't work

 by rolandixor on: Jul 10 2011
Score 50%

I'm on 11.04 and the patch isn't working. Also there is no 11.04 version in the ppa. Otherwise - awesome app :)!

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 Re: Patch doesn't work

 by petrakis on: Jul 10 2011
Score 50%

Strange, I have installed version for Lucid and applied the patch and on 11.04 I get the indicator without problem. Nevermind, in next days the new version for 11.04 will be done finally

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