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GNOME Icon Theme

Score 57%

Minimum required   GNOME 2.x
Downloads:  39258
Submitted:  Jul 31 2009
Updated:  Sep 21 2009


Hi there

Here's an attempt to make your linux/ubuntu/mint system look like Win$. Seven.

It goes well with the theme you'll find there :


Have fun using it.
I know it's heavy and maybe you'll have to try a few times to make your appearance manager accept it.
But it DOES work. I installed it on 3 different computers with 3 different material configurations.

P.S. :
For all you win$ haters, please pass your way and don't pollute this thread with your bad manners.
The philosophy is about sharing, not hating.


P.S.2 : Ok. So, due to some license matters, and my lack of "savoir-faire" when it comes to that,
I've had to remove few icons I picked up from the Mashup set [9 if I believe its owner, and I do :)].

Once again, then , I insist upon the fact that I in no way endorse the congratulations for the icons created here.
Neither wish I to spoil or steal or whatever the original owners and creators and artists working hard to craft those
pieces of jewelery that come to be some of those icon sets we're so happy to play with, me be the first :o)

If, by any way, and because I have put together lots of pieces coming from lots of themes,
I used and finally incorporated material that belongs to you, without asking you if it was ok,
or if it appears to be an infrigement to a license agreement, please be kind enough to
contact me so I could give you the credits you deserve.

So many time spend on this, focusing only on the pictures, I didn't pay attention to the licensing of the many sets I used.
So, if I made a mistake, I apologize for that and kindly ask the former owner to ring my bell.

Thanx for your understanding.

And enjoy using this icon set.


2nd version (9 Mashup icons removed) then replaced with others

For personal use

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 Better next/previous buttons?

 by hitmansnightmare on: Aug 1 2009
Score 50%

In nautilus, the next/previous buttons of most windows xp/vista/7 based icon themes just don't look th part.

Could you make them look more alike? Within legal ranges of course.


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 Re: Better next/previous buttons?

 by Nemmeth on: Aug 1 2009
Score 50%

Hi there. :)
Well, if I well understood you point - I've been thinking 'bout it for a long time but I'm afraid (copyright matters appart) the way gtk.2.x is buit just would'nt allow us to modify that far the way the next/previous buttons are put on the panel.
Optionally remove text beside icons (in your appearance manager) is so far the best we can do to achieve the most affordable lookalike .

Nemmeth, a cool guy :)
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 Re: Re: Better next/previous buttons?

 by hitmansnightmare on: Aug 3 2009
Score 50%

I mean that the buttons in many vista inspired icon themes don't look very good. I hope you can make them look more similar. I don't care for the silhouet surrounding the buttons(like in internet explorer) so long as the buttons look better.

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 Some mimetypes ...

 by flyinghigh on: Aug 1 2009
Score 50%

The multimedia mimetypes should be improved.
Such as differences between .flac and .mp3 and so on ; or .rm and .flv ...
And make an icon for .chm please...
But I think that is in your plan , well.

Other icons are made perfect,I like the office mimetypes.

Thank you very much .

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 Re: Some mimetypes ...

 by Nemmeth on: Aug 1 2009
Score 50%

First, thanx 4 the positive comments and attitude.

Second, yep, that's a first throw and there's still a lot to do before I am plenty satisfied with this huge icon set.

But I have to pay real attention to its size 'cause from the beginning it's getting fatter and fatter I'm afraid it becomes too fat to deal with.

Wondering if .svg for the whole thing should do the trick. I'll try anyway.

And yep, mimetypes have to be adjusted. I putted together things that are not really necessary (at least for linux users) in this folder. Got to correct it more efficiently.

'till the new one shows up, enjoy and comment if any bug appears.

Nemmeth, a cool guy
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 Impossible to download

 by LucaWin on: Aug 6 2009
Score 50%

Hi there, your gtk theme is great...i'd love to download the icons but i can't, it says that the site is overloaded and things like that...could you please host the icons on some other site?
thank you very much, great job again

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 Hard to get ;-)

 by Nemmeth on: Aug 6 2009
Score 50%

I have had to modify the theme (see changelog), then removed the first one from the provider.
Anyway, the new and updated one is now available.
I'll soon give a second link to let people download this theme, whilst the former one, "gigaup", is still ok.
I've just tried it and it doesn't block the download.
Try again, you'll finally get it.

Nemmeth, a cool guy :)
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 by cfhs1 on: Sep 6 2009
Score 50%

Could you please offer another download option besides rapidshare? For some reason my ISP won't allow connections with rapidshare, and I really really want your icon theme!

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 Re: Rapidshare

 by Nemmeth on: Sep 17 2009
Score 50%

Here we go.
I'm right now adding a second link on GigaUp.fr.
Enjoy :)

Nemmeth, a cool guy :)
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 How do I install new folder icons?

 by vignesh1 on: Sep 25 2009
Score 50%

How exactly would I install these folder icons?

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 How to install those icons

 by Nemmeth on: Sep 29 2009
Score 50%

Depending on the distro you're using.

When it comes to debian/ubuntu/mint related ones, (as far as I'm concerned, I use Linux Mint),
there are 2 ways to install a theme, be it gtk2x or icons.

1 - ) Use the "Appearance Manager".
You can run it from either your Start menu [System/Preferences/Appearance Manager]
or directly from within your "Control Panel" - Open a terminal and type : gnome-control-center then hit Enter.
Once the window of the appearance manager is open, click on the Install button, show the application the path to the "theme.tar.gz" file.
Click once again.
It should install itself like a charm :), but sometimes it's buggy, especially when the theme is heavy and fat (mine is, I guess).


2 - ) Use the command line.
Download your Icon.theme.tar.gz theme on your desktop. Right click on it and do an "extract here" action. It is now uncompressed on your desktop.
Then, Open a terminal.
Then type this, but without the "" of course :

sudo cp -R /home/"YOUR-NAME-BUDDY-NOT-MINE"/Desktop/"TheGreatIconThemeI'veBeenDreamingOfForAges.tar.gz" /home/"YOUR-NAME-BUDDY-NOT-MINE,Once.Again,Yep!"/.icons/

And for computer sake, pay attention to the quotes.
What is written there is AN EXEMPLE.
You HAVE TO put there YOUR NAME, or whatever name you've used for your computer and distro.

Once the copy's done, give the icon folder you've just put there the rights it need to run properly.

sudo chmod 777 -R /home/"YOUR-NAME-BUDDY-NOT-MINE,Twice.Again,Yep!"/.icons/"TheGreatIconThemeI'veBeenDreamingOfForAges.tar.gz"

Then, once you're done with the copy of the theme in the icon folder,
Go to 1 -).

The icon theme should be a choice in your appearance manager, right in the "Icons" tab.

Enjoy! ;-)

Nemmeth, a cool guy :)
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