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GTK 3.x Theme/Style

Score 66%



Depends on  GTK 3.x
Downloads:  18828
Submitted:  Aug 5 2011
Updated:  Oct 3 2011


Marples is a (gtk2/3) theme, for those who like dark themes. the name marples is derived and pays homage to Marp-1-blue theme by Malys777. - Being as it was born out of that theme. Marples is ever evolving, and i am putting a great deal of effort into the details, and subtleties. i would say the theme is beta right now, but is coming along nicely. I'll probably consider it a good clean release by 2.0

*A quick disclaimer - i am working on this a little everyday, so changes happen fast. Once, i complete this theme, i will then remix it into a lighter marples theme :) *


Gnome 3.2 broke Marples, so i am now in the process of fixing it (STILL!) ...lol

I've now changed this theme somewhat, for now there are very few borders, and i've been messing about' with the toolbar, which i will be revising. the menu is a little better now, and i got rid of some of the white frames, on various widgets.

Mutter now supports transparency, so everything should look similar to compiz, minus blur - which only compiz has, from what i can tell.

.cell is now a gradient. i've done this as 3.2 killed my sidebar gradient. in gnoe 3.0 the .sidebar and .cell weren't tied into each other, but that is not the case anymore :( . atleast i killed the frame :)

anyways, expect some more changes over the next few days.


Quick Note: A few people elsewhere were a little frustrated by firefox with dark themes, so i thought i should post about this - if you have issues with Firefox - text boxes being black, cant read text, etc...

..you'll need to access about:config (firefox config) in FF's addressbar, then type 'colors' in the searchbar... you can set firefox to ignore your theme colors, and/or specify your own colors ~ just open youtube in a separate tab (or other problematic sites), while you modify them to suit. it works like a charm :)


a few people have asked me for a couple of my GFX/logo/icons that i have made for gnome, they are available for download below, here is a quick run down of where they go, in the linux file-system;

* 1. Alien Gnome Logo

this file is called "side.png", and is used with gnome-system-monitor. Simply replace the existing side.png found here;


* 2. Gnome-tweak-tool alternate logo

the file is called "welcome.png. you must replace;


with the new welcome.png file.

I use Archlinux, which allows me to stop future updates to both these files (so my logos never get replaced through an update ~ the NoUpgrade flag in pacman.conf). But i'm not sure how to do this in other distro's, so you are on your own, im sure it's possible though... ;)

*NEW* 3. Gnome-system-monitor 3.1.4 (dark remix, black graphs, other tweaks)

For this you will have to have GIT installed, and be willing to compile it because the colors are 'hardcoded', i have removed the cairo highlight tab crap... *my alien logo doesn't need to be downloaded seperately as it lives in my git branch. i have made other subtle changes to the source code.

steps from commandline;

1. git clone git://gitorious.org/gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3/gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3.git

2. cd into directory

3. ./autogen.sh

4. ./configure --prefix=/usr

5. make

6. sudo make install

enjoy ;)

a SHOUTOUT to the original author;

the original theme, Marp-1-blue was created by Malys777 found here;


from that link you can find other themes made by him, as well as a link to his profile.

the great thing about Malys777's themes, is the use of pixmaps. one of the things that bothered me about gtk3 right off the hop, was the lack of available themes built around pixmaps. I'm glad Malys made his themes, they might be a little too colorful, a little 'busy' and not really my style, but awesome nonetheless, based on the code and his ideas.


Oct 3 massive changes to gtk3

* replaced missing pixmap
* gtk2 menubar border lightened to match properly
* menu fix in gtkrc
* gtk2 toolbar match up
* sidebar tweaks / shadows
* background tweaks - top smoothing/shading + bottom shadow
* new pixmaps

Aug 29

* gtk2 menubar fix
* new pixmap
* various misc fixes
* license, credits

Aug 23

* new radio/checks
* new arrows
* updated gtk2 scrollbars
* bug fix


* fixed gtk2 Tabs to match gtk3
* experimenting with gtk2 scrollbars.
* a few new pixmaps / revisions to existing ones.

Please feel free to comment, give feedback and also remember...

--++ RATE THIS THEME !++-- ;)

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 Oops :)

 by PegHorse on: Dec 11 2011
Score 50%

Ok forget about what i've said about the Mintupdate failure and Synaptic, its just because they are root Softwares so, they forget themes.

The solution is to put themes on /usr/share/themes instead of the /home/.themes.

So your great theme works everywhere now :)

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 Some issue with dark theme

 by PegHorse on: Dec 12 2011
Score 50%

In Libreoffice for example, documents are not readable.

But i really love your theme, can't wait you fixe it :p


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 Re: Some issue with dark theme

 by ninez on: Dec 21 2011
Score 50%

I'll look into this.

I don't use libre office, so i'll have to install it and take a look.

...and hey, if you really like the theme, and want to have a stab at fixing some of the issues you see, i am more than willing to integrate any changes into the theme, if they are helpful to users. - i say this, because i am fairly busy as of late.


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 by fuckingbugmenot on: Dec 23 2011
Score 50%

cool theme. tnx)

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 index theme file

 by pissnaround on: Dec 24 2011
Score 50%

nice theme but I was wondering why the index.theme file says "Atolm-gtk3"?

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 Bug report

 by raxbg on: May 22 2012
Score 50%

When using eclipse, when the autocomplete popup has to show up, eclipse hangs for about 15 secs. If I change the theme the problem is not there. Any idea how to fix this? It's a great theme otherwise, this is the only bug I have found.

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 Re: Bug report

 by ninez on: May 22 2012
Score 50%

well, in case you hadn't noticed this theme hasn't even been updated to work properly with gnome 3.4

i have no plans of maintaining it anymore and have moved on to a new theme, that i don't even plan on releasing - the reason being, i am a busy person and don't have the time to fix other peoples issues. ie: i won't be installing eclipse, nor updating this theme to test your issue.

sorry, but i just don't have the time/interest.

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 Re: Re: Bug report

 by raxbg on: May 23 2012
Score 50%

I am not using gnome. I completely understand you, but u have to know that this is one of the best dark themes out there, and it is sad to not update it, either you or somebody else. I don't know a thing about making themes otherwise I would have helped :)

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 by Takatoshi-kun on: Apr 13 2013
Score 50%

I've got a little problem with this theme, the windows background is in mosaic, so I see multiple times the same image.

How can I fix it ?

(sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language ^^)

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